Eurographics 2022 - Posters 2022

Sauvage, Basile; Hasic-Telalovic, Jasminka
EUROGRAPHICS 2022: Posters Frontmatter

Lou, Ruding; So, Richard H. Y.; Bechmann, Dominique
Geometric Deformation for Reducing Optic Flow and Cybersickness Dose Value in VR

Dey, Arnab; Comport, Andrew I.
RGB-D Neural Radiance Fields: Local Sampling for Faster Training

Porro, Heinich; Crespin, Benoît; Hitschfeld-Kahler, Nancy; Navarro, Cristobal
Fixed-radius Near Neighbors Searching for 2D Simulations on the GPU using Delaunay Triangulations

Jetly, Vishrut; Ibayashi, Hikaru; Nakano, Aiichiro
Splash in a Flash: Sharpness-aware Minimization for Efficient Liquid Splash Simulation

Mohan, Aditya; Zhang, Jing; Cozot, Rémi; Loscos, Celine
Consistent Multi- and Single-View HDR-Image Reconstruction from Single Exposures

Pascual, Romain; Belhaouari, Hakim; Arnould, Agnès; Le Gall, Pascale
A First Step Towards the Inference of Geological Topological Operations

Pederiva, Marcelo Eduardo; Martino, José Mario De; Zimmer, Alessandro
Multimodal Early Raw Data Fusion for Environment Sensing in Automotive Applications

Barrios, Théo; Gerhards, Julien; Prévost, Stéphanie; Loscos, Celine
Fast and Fine Disparity Reconstruction for Wide-baseline Camera Arrays with Deep Neural Networks

Wang, Xiaofang; Boukhayma, Adnane; Prévost, Stéphanie; Desjardin, Eric; Loscos, Celine; Multon, Franck
3D Human Shape and Pose from a Single Depth Image with Deep Dense Correspondence Enabled Model Fitting

Maggiordomo, Andrea; Tarini, Marco
Seamless Compressed Textures

Barroso, Nicolas; Fondevilla, Amélie; Vanderhaeghe, David
Stroke based Painterly Inbetweening

Rouphael, Robin; Noizet, Mathieu; Prévost, Stéphanie; Deleau, Hervé; Steffenel, Luiz-Angelo; Lucas, Laurent
Neural Denoising for Spectral Monte Carlo Rendering

Dhawal, Sirikonda; Kt, Aakash; Narayanan, P. J.
Transfer Textures for Fast Precomputed Radiance Transfer

Marin, Diana; Ohrhallinger, Stefan; Wimmer, Michael
SIG-based Curve Reconstruction

Alexandre-Barff, Welcome; Deleau, Hervé; Sarton, Jonathan; Ledoux, Franck; Lucas, Laurent
Time Series AMR Data Representation for Out-of-core Interactive Visualization

Cecchin, Alice; Du, Paul; Pastor, Mickaël; Agouzoul, Asma
View Dependent Decompression for Web-based Massive Triangle Meshes Visualisation

Collado, José Antonio; López, Alfonso; Jiménez-Pérez, J. Roberto; Ortega, Lidia M.; Feito, Francisco R.; Jurado, Juan Manuel
Modeling and Enhancement of LiDAR Point Clouds from Natural Scenarios

Bán, Róbert; Valasek, Gábor
Hermite Interpolation of Heightmaps