EuroVis 2017 - Posters 2017

Puig Puig, Anna; Isenberg, Tobias
EuroVis 2017 - Posters: Frontmatter

Stößel, Bastian; Rabot, Eva; Richter, Felix; Weller, Ulrich; Vogel, Hans-Jörg
Structuring and Visualizing Knowledge in Soil Science

Khan, Amin M.; Gonçalves, Daniel; Leão, Duarte C.
Towards an Adaptive Framework for Real-Time Visualization of Streaming Big Data

Vilaplana, Jaume Nualart; Pérez-Montoro, Mario
Diggersdiaries: Using Text Analysis to Support Exploration and Reading in a Large Document Collection

Kim, Duksu
Memory Efficient Parallel Ray-casting Algorithm for Unstructured Grid Volume Rendering

Moses, Ricarda; Humayoun, Shah Rukh; AlTarawneh, Ragaad; Ebert, Achim
Evaluating Cognitive Load: Force-directed Layout vs. Chord Layout

Naik, Suchismita
Visualization of the Forever 27 Club

Kinkeldey, Christoph; Fekete, Jean-Daniel; Isenberg, Petra
BitConduite: Visualizing and Analyzing Activity on the Bitcoin Network

Kaur, Pawandeep; König-Ries, Birgitta
Visualization Taxonomy based on the Specification of User's Goal and Data Dimensions

Valdivia, Paola; Buono, Paolo; Fekete, Jean-Daniel
Hypenet: Visualizing Dynamic Hypergraphs

Humayoun, Shah Rukh; Ali, Syed Hammad; AlTarawneh, Ragaad; Ebert, Achim
An Interactive Visual Representation to Explore Association with Hierarchical Social Circles

Mathisen, Andreas; Nielsen, Matthias; Grønbæk, Kaj
Integrating Guided Clustering in Visual Analytics to Support Domain Expert Reasoning Processes

Dimara, Evanthia; Valdivia, Paola; Kinkeldey, Christoph
DcPAIRS: A Pairs Plot Based Decision Support System

Heinemann, Moritz; Bruder, Valentin; Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas
Power Efficiency of Volume Raycasting on Mobile Devices

Chen, Yang; Yang, Jing; Zhao, Ye
Interactive Lens for Effective Time-Series Animation

Mun, Seongmin; Desagulier, Guillaume; Lee, Kyungwon
A Visual Approach for Text Analysis Using Multiword Topics

Alcaide, Daniel; Aerts, Jan
DaaG: Visual Analytics Clustering Using Network Representation

Bodt, Thomas De; Adams, Bart; Aerts, Jan
Interactive Visualization of Massive Location Data using Multi-Scale Trajectories

Ristovski, Gordan; Hahn, Horst K.; Linsen, Lars
Uncertainty Visualization of Stenotic Regions in Vascular Structures

Blasco-Soplon, Laia; Minguillón, Julià
Using Graphs for Exposing the Underlying Competence Design of Academic Degrees

Ren, Haolin; Viaud, Marie-Luce; Melançon, Guy
'Them again?'' Dynamic Communities in the Media

Matute, José; Linsen, Lars
Visual Stratification for Epidemiological Analysis

Kerren, Andreas; Kucher, Kostiantyn; Li, Yuan-Fang; Schreiber, Falk
MDS-based Visual Survey of Biological Data Visualization Techniques

Röhlig, Martin; Luboschik, Martin; Prakasam, Ruby Kala; Stachs, Oliver; Schumann, Heidrun
Visually Analyzing Parameter Influence on Optical Coherence Tomography Data in Ophthalmology

Poulymenopoulou, Mikaela; Tsois, Aris
ConTraffic Visual Analytics in Support to Customs Risk-Analysis

Jawad, Muhammad; Linsen, Lars
Visual Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging Data for the Study of Human Brain Tumors

Ngo, Quynh Quang; Hütt, Marc-Thorsten; Linsen, Lars
Visual Analytics of Global Parameters in Simulation Ensembles of ODE-based Excitable Network Dynamics

Vernier, Eduardo Faccin; Comba, Joao L. D.; Telea, Alex C.
Quantitative Comparison of Treemap Techniques for Time-Dependent Hierarchies

Kruiger, J. F.; Telea, Alex C.; Hurter, Christophe
Projection Navigation In Extremely Large Datasets (PNIELD)

Andrews, Keith; Smrdel, Aleš
Responsive Data Visualisation

Scott-Brown, James; Papachristodoulou, Antonis
Visualization of Temporal Logic Specifications

Ceballos, Víctor; Monclús, Eva; Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Bendezú, Álvaro; Mego, Marianela; Merino, Xavier; Azpiroz, Fernando; Navazo, Isabel
Semi-automatic Colonic Content Analysis for Diagnostic

Hundt, Michael; Schneider, Bruno; El-Assady, Mennatallah; Keim, Daniel A.; Diehl, Alexandra
Visual Analysis of Geolocated Echo Chambers in Social Media

Gracanin, Denis; Tasooji, Reza; Handosa, Mohamed; Matkovic, Kresimir; Waldner, Manuela
Tangible Visual Analysis: Brushing in a Mixed-Reality Environment

Post, Tobias; Wischgoll, Thomas; Hamann, Bernd; Hagen, Hans
A High-Dimensional Data Quality Metric using Pareto Optimality

McNeill, Graham
Visualising Data with L2