Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation 2014

Xu, Hongyi; Barbic, Jernej
Continuous Collision Detection Between Points and Signed Distance Fields

Weller, René; Mainzer, David; Srinivas, Abhishek; Teschner, Matthias; Zachmann, Gabriel
Massively Parallel Batch Neural Gas for Bounding Volume Hierarchy Construction

Kaluschke, Max; Zimmermann, Uwe; Danzer, Marinus; Zachmann, Gabriel; Weller, Rene
Massively-Parallel Proximity Queries for Point Clouds

Seiler, Martin U.; Spillmann, Jonas; Harders, Matthias
Efficient Transfer of Contact-Point Local Deformations for Data-Driven Simulations

Fléchon, Elsa; Zara, Florence; Damiand, Guillaume; Jaillet, Fabrice
A Unified Topological-Physical Model for Adaptive Refinement

Weber, Daniel; Mueller-Roemer, Johannes; Altenhofen, Christian; Stork, Andre; Fellner, Dieter W.
A p-Multigrid Algorithm using Cubic Finite Elements for Efficient Deformation Simulation

Malgat, Richard; Boudaoud, Arezki; Faure, François
Mechanical Modeling of Three-dimensional Plant Tissue Indented by a Probe

Kawada, Genichi; Kanai, Takashi
Controlling the Shape and Motion of Plumes in Explosion Simulations

Ricardez, Eusebio; Noguez, Julieta; Neri, Luis; Munoz-Gomez, Lourdes; Escobar-Castillejos, David
SutureHap: A Suture Simulator with Haptic Feedback

Kocev, Bojan; Georgii, Joachim; Linsen, Lars; Hahn, Horst Karl
Information Fusion for Real-time Motion Estimation in Image-guided Breast Biopsy Navigation

Siegmund, Dirk; Samartzidis, Timotheos; Damer, Naser; Nouak, Alexander; Busch, Christoph
Virtual Fitting Pipeline: Body Dimension Recognition, Cloth Modeling, and On-Body Simulation

Lin, Wei-Chin
Coupling Hair with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Fluids

Thaler, Felix; Solenthaler, Barbara; Gross, Markus
A Parallel Architecture for IISPH Fluids

Frâncu, Mihai; Moldoveanu, F.
An Improved Jacobi Solver for Particle Simulation

Holz, Daniel
Parallel Particles (P2): A Parallel Position Based Approach for Fast and Stable Simulation of Granular Materials