VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage 2009

Linaza, Maria Teresa; Torre, Isabel; Cobos, Yolanda; Campos, Miren Koro; Peñalba, Mauro; Labandibar, A.
Location-based Mobile Applications to Experience Collective Memory

Benedetto, Marco Di; Cignoni, Paolo; Ganovelli, Fabio; Gobbetti, Enrico; Marton, Fabio; Scopigno, Roberto
Interactive Remote Exploration of Massive Cityscapes

Willis, Andrew; Sui, Yunfeng; Galor, Katharina
Parsing Architecture within Plan Drawings with Application to Medieval Castles and Fortresses

Bettio, Fabio; Gobbetti, Enrico; Marton, Fabio; Tinti, Alex; Merella, Emilio; Combet, Roberto
A Point-based System for Local and Remote Exploration of Dense 3D Scanned Models

Jr., Joseph T. Kider; Fletcher, Rebecca L.; Yu, Nancy; Holod, Renata; Chalmers, Alan; Badler, Norman I.
Recreating Early Islamic Glass Lamp Lighting

Laycock, Robert G.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andrew M.
Reconstruction of Large Cultural Heritage Sites from Archived Maps

Happa, Jassim; Artusi, Alessandro; Dubla, Piotr; Bashford-Rogers, Tom; Debattista, Kurt; Hulusic, Vedad; Chalmers, Alan
The Virtual Reconstruction and Daylight Illumination of the Panagia Angeloktisti

Papadopoulos, Constantinos; Earl, Graeme P.
Structural and Lighting Models for the Minoan Cemetery at Phourni, Crete

Scheiblauer, Claus; Zimmermann, N.; Wimmer, Michael
Interactive Domitilla Catacomb Exploration

Chapman, Paul Michael; Bale, Kim; Drap, Pierre
Serious Gaming with VENUS-PD: A Virtual Submarine for Accessing Europe's Sunken Archaeological Treasures

Dellepiane, Matteo; Callieri, Marco; Corsini, Massimiliano; Cignoni, Paolo; Scopigno, Roberto
Artifacts Removal for Color Projection on 3D Models using Flash Light

Callieri, Marco; Cignoni, Paolo; Dellepiane, Matteo; Scopigno, Roberto
Pushing Time-of-Flight Scanners to the Limit

Gunawardane, Prabath; Wang, Oliver; Scher, Steven; Rickards, Ian; Davis, James; Malzbender, Tom
Optimized Image Sampling for View and Light Interpolation

Diem, Markus; Kleber, Florian; Sablatnig, Robert
Analysis of Document Snippets as a Basis for Reconstruction

Ashley, Michael; Tringham, Ruth; Perlingieri, Cinzia
Last House on the Hill: Digitally Remediating Data and Media for Preservation and Access

Strobl, Martin; Berndt, René; Settgast, Volker; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
Publishing 3D Content as PDF in Cultural Heritage

Niccolucci, Franco; Felicetti, Achille; Hermon, Sorin; Nys, Karin
Managing Full-text Excavation Data with Semantic Tools

Figueroa, Pablo; Londoño, Eduardo; Boulanger, Pierre; Prieto, Flavio; Coral, Mauricio; Borda, Juan; Vega, Felipe; Restrepo, Diego
Interaction with Replicas of Small Pieces: Using Complementary Technologies to Maximize Visitors' Experience

Ramic-Brkic, Belma; Karkin, Zana; Sadzak, Aida; Selimovic, Dino; Rizvic, Selma
Augmented Real-Time Virtual Environment of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Mostar