EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling 2009

Gross, M. D.
Visual Languages and Visual Thinking: Sketch Based Interaction and Modeling

Lopes, Ricardo; Cardoso, Tiago; Silva, Nelson; Fonseca, Manuel J.
Sketch-Based Interaction and Calligraphic Tags to Create Comics Online

Ventura, J.; DiVerdi, S.; Höllerer, T.
A Sketch-based Interface for Photo Pop-up

Eitz, Mathias; Hildebrand, Kristian; Boubekeur, Tamy; Alexa, Marc
A descriptor for large scale image retrieval based on sketched feature lines

Kraevoy, Vladislav; Sheffer, Alla; Panne, Michiel van de
Modeling from Contour Drawings

Eyiyurekli, M.; Grimm, C.; Breen, D.
Editing Level-Set Models with Sketched Curves

Nasriy, A.; Karam, W. Bou; Samavati, F.
Sketch-Based Subdivision Models

Bein, M.; Havemann, S.; Stork, A.; Fellner, Dieter W.
Sketching Subdivision Surfaces

Murugappan, S.; Sellamani, S.; Ramani, K.
Towards Beautification of Freehand Sketches using Suggestions

Hahne, Uwe; Schild, Jonas; Elstner, Stefan; Alexa, Marc
Multi-touch Focus+Context Sketch-based Interaction

Schmieder, Paul; Plimmer, Beryl; Blagojevic, Rachel
Automatic Evaluation of Sketch Recognizers

Wolin, A.; Paulson, B.; Hammond, T.
Sort, Merge, Repeat: An Algorithm for Effectively Finding Corners in Hand-sketched Strokes

Xiong, Yiyan; Jr., Joseph J. LaViola
Revisiting ShortStraw Improving Corner Finding in Sketch-Based Interfaces

Field, Martin; Gordon, Sam; Peterson, Eric; Robinson, Raquel; Stahovich, Thomas; Alvarado, Christine
The Effect of Task on Classification Accuracy: Using Gesture Recognition Techniques in Free-Sketch Recognition

Johnson, Gabe; Do, Ellen Yi-Luen
Games For Sketch Data Collection

MacLean, Scott; Tausky, David; Labahn, George; Lank, Edward; Marzouk, Mirette
Tools for the Efficient Generation of Hand-Drawn Corpora Based on Context-Free Grammars

Schmidt, Ryan; Khan, Azam; Kurtenbach, Gord; Singh, Karan
On Expert Performance in 3D Curve-Drawing Tasks

Sowell, R.; Liu, L.; Ju, T.; Grimm, C.; Abraham, C.; Gokhroo, G.; Low, D.
VolumeViewer: An Interactive Tool for Fitting Surfaces to Volume Data

O'Connell, Theresa; Li, Chuanjun; Miller, Timothy S.; Zeleznik, Robert C.; Jr., Joseph J. LaViola
A Usability Evaluation of AlgoSketch: A Pen-Based Application for Mathematics

Marinkas, Diane; Zeleznik, Robert C.; Jr., Joseph J. LaViola
Shadow Buttons: Exposing WIMP Functionality While Preserving the Inking Surface in Sketch-Based Interfaces