ACM/EG Expressive Symposium - Posters, Demos, and Artworks 2019

Williams, Peter J.; Wong, Sala
Wandering Without Wondering

Raskob, Evan
The CyberAnthill: A Computational Sculpture

Putnam, Lance; Todd, Stephen; Latham, William; Williams, Duncan
Mutator VR: Vortex Artwork and Science Pedagogy Adaptations

Fourquet, Elodie
Artistic Sketching for Expressive Coding

Grayver, Liat; Volpe, Gualtiero
Transhuman Expression - Human-Machine Interaction as a Neutral Base for a New Artistic and Creative Practice

Dekker, Laura
Emergence in the Expressive Machine

Hammoudi, Karim; Benhabiles, Halim; Melkemi, Mahmoud; Kadapanatham, Shashank Rao
Visual Communication with Successive Reading of Public and Secret Information by Generating Dual-Layer Images

Wailly, Bastien; Bousseau, Adrien
Sketch-Based Modeling of Parametric Shapes

Hong, Freddie Taewoo
SURFACE: Xbox Controlled Hot-wire Foam Cutter