Computer Graphics Forum 2018 / CGF 37 - 1 

Issue Information

Chen, Min; Benes, Bedrich

Liu, Xiaotong; Hu, Yifan; North, Stephen; Shen, Han‐Wei
CorrelatedMultiples: Spatially Coherent Small Multiples With Constrained Multi‐Dimensional Scaling

Radiano, O.; Graber, Y.; Mahler, M.; Sigal, L.; Shamir, A.
Story Albums: Creating Fictional Stories From Personal Photograph Sets

Thiery, J.‐M.; Eisemann, E.
ARAPLBS: Robust and Efficient Elasticity‐Based Optimization of Weights and Skeleton Joints for Linear Blend Skinning with Parametrized Bones

Jia, Shiyu; Zhang, Weizhong; Yu, Xiaokang; Pan, Zhenkuan
CPU–GPU Parallel Framework for Real‐Time Interactive Cutting of Adaptive Octree‐Based Deformable Objects

Hamdi‐Cherif, Azzouz; Digne, Julie; Chaine, Raphaëlle
Super‐Resolution of Point Set Surfaces Using Local Similarities

Kucher, Kostiantyn; Paradis, Carita; Kerren, Andreas
The State of the Art in Sentiment Visualization

Serra, J.; Cetinaslan, O.; Ravikumar, S.; Orvalho, V.; Cosker, D.
Easy Generation of Facial Animation Using Motion Graphs

Chen, Wei; Zhu, Fei; Zhao, Jing; Li, Sheng; Wang, Guoping
Peridynamics‐Based Fracture Animation for Elastoplastic Solids

Shurkhovetskyy, G.; Andrienko, N.; Andrienko, G.; Fuchs, G.
Data Abstraction for Visualizing Large Time Series

Huang, R.; Chazal, F.; Ovsjanikov, M.
On the Stability of Functional Maps and Shape Difference Operators

Palma, Gianpaolo; Sabbadin, Manuele; Corsini, Massimiliano; Cignoni, Paolo
Enhanced Visualization of Detected 3D Geometric Differences

Doukakis, E.; Debattista, K.; Harvey, C.; Bashford‐Rogers, T.; Chalmers, A.
Audiovisual Resource Allocation for Bimodal Virtual Environments

Zhao, M.; Cai, W.; Turner, S. J.
CLUST: Simulating Realistic Crowd Behaviour by Mining Pattern from Crowd Videos

Mattausch, Oliver; Makhinya, Maxim; Goksel, Orcun
Realistic Ultrasound Simulation of Complex Surface Models Using Interactive Monte‐Carlo Path Tracing

Lee, Yin‐Hsuan; Chang, Yu‐Kai; Chang, Yu‐Lun; Lin, I‐Chen; Wang, Yu‐Shuen; Lin, Wen‐Chieh
Enhancing the Realism of Sketch and Painted Portraits With Adaptable Patches

Saalfeld, P.; Luz, M.; Berg, P.; Preim, B.; Saalfeld, S.
Guidelines for Quantitative Evaluation of Medical Visualizations on the Example of 3D Aneurysm Surface Comparisons

Yi, Lei; Li, Hongjun; Guo, Jianwei; Deussen, Oliver; Zhang, Xiaopeng
Tree Growth Modelling Constrained by Growth Equations

Dasgupta, Aritra; Arendt, Dustin L.; Franklin, Lyndsey R.; Wong, Pak Chung; Cook, Kristin A.
Human Factors in Streaming Data Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities for Information Visualization

Chlumský, V.; Sloup, J.; Šimeček, I.
Improved Corners with Multi‐Channel Signed Distance Fields

Didimo, Walter; Kornaropoulos, Evgenios M.; Montecchiani, Fabrizio; Tollis, Ioannis G.
A Visualization Framework and User Studies for Overloaded Orthogonal Drawings

Bukenberger, Dennis R.; Schwarz, Katharina; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
Stereo‐Consistent Contours in Object Space

Takahashi, Tetsuya; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Nishita, Tomoyuki; Lin, Ming C.
An Efficient Hybrid Incompressible SPH Solver with Interface Handling for Boundary Conditions

Luo, Chuanjiang; Ge, Xiaoyin; Wang, Yusu
Uniformization and Density Adaptation for Point Cloud Data Via Graph Laplacian

Thöny, Matthias; Billeter, Markus; Pajarola, Renato
Large‐Scale Pixel‐Precise Deferred Vector Maps

Harvey, Carlo; Bashford‐Rogers, Thomas; Debattista, Kurt; Doukakis, Efstratios; Chalmers, Alan
Olfaction and Selective Rendering

Debattista, K.; Bugeja, K.; Spina, S.; Bashford‐Rogers, T.; Hulusic, V.
Frame Rate vs Resolution: A Subjective Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Perceived Quality Under Varying Computational Budgets

Luo, Linbo; Chai, Cheng; Ma, Jianfeng; Zhou, Suiping; Cai, Wentong
ProactiveCrowd: Modelling Proactive Steering Behaviours for Agent‐Based Crowd Simulation

Kohek, Štefan; Strnad, Damjan
Interactive Large‐Scale Procedural Forest Construction and Visualization Based on Particle Flow Simulation

Santos, B. Sousa; Dischler, J.‐M.; Adzhiev, V.; Anderson, E.F.; Ferko, A.; Fryazinov, O.; Ilčík, M.; Ilčíková, I.; Slavik, P.; Sundstedt, V.; Svobodova, L.; Wimmer, M.; Zara, J.
Distinctive Approaches to Computer Graphics Education

Lawonn, K.; Smit, N.N.; Bühler, K.; Preim, B.
A Survey on Multimodal Medical Data Visualization

Debattista, K.
Application‐Specific Tone Mapping Via Genetic Programming

Zhou, Qingnan; Jacobson, Alec
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