27 2008Computer Graphics Forum 

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Dyken, C.; Reimers, M.; Seland, J.
Real-Time GPU Silhouette Refinement using Adaptively Blended Bezier Patches

Eisemann, E.; Decoret, X.
Occlusion Textures for Plausible Soft Shadows*

Marroquim, R.; Maximo, A.; Farias, R.; Esperanca, C.
Volume and Isosurface Rendering with GPU-Accelerated Cell Projection*

Chica, A.; Williams, J.; Andujar, C.; Brunet, P.; Navazo, I.; Rossignac, J.; Vinacua, A.
Pressing: Smooth Isosurfaces with Flats from Binary Grids

Valette, Gilles; Prevost, Stephanie; Lucas, Laurent; Leonard, Joel
A Dynamic Model of Cracks Development Based on a 3D Discrete Shrinkage Volume Propagation

Balsys, Ron J.; Suffern, K. G.; Jones, Huw
Point-Based Rendering of Non-Manifold Surfaces

Liu, Y. K.; Song, H. Y.; Zalik, B.
A General Multi-step Algorithm for Voxel Traversing Along a Line

Lee, Sangwon; Feng, David; Grimm, Cindy; Gooch, Bruce
A Sketch-Based User Interface for Reconstructing Architectural Drawings

Hofsetz, C.; Max, N.; Bastos, R.
Object-Space Visibility Ordering for Point-Based and Volume Rendering

Boubekeur, T.; Schlick, C.
A Flexible Kernel for Adaptive Mesh Refinement on GPU

Lagae, Ares; Dutre, Philip
A Comparison of Methods for Generating Poisson Disk Distributions

Moerschell, Adam; Owens, John D.
Distributed Texture Memory in a Multi-GPU Environment

Mezger, Johannes; Thomaszewski, Bernhard; Pabst, Simon; Strasser, Wolfgang
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