Eurographics 2022 - Short Papers 2022

Pelechano, Nuria; Vanderhaeghe, David
EUROGRAPHICS 2022: Short Papers Frontmatter

Battogtokh, Munkhtulga; Borgo, Rita
Simple Techniques for a Novel Human Body Pose Optimisation Using Differentiable Inverse Rendering

Xu, Yingyan; Riviere, Jérémy; Zoss, Gaspard; Chandran, Prashanth; Bradley, Derek; Gotardo, Paulo
Improved Lighting Models for Facial Appearance Capture

Wirth, Tristan; Jamili, Aria; Buelow, Max von; Knauthe, Volker; Guthe, Stefan
Fitness of General-Purpose Monocular Depth Estimation Architectures for Transparent Structures

Valasek, Gábor; Bán, Róbert
Quick Cone Map Generation on the GPU

Szirmay-Kalos, László; Sbert, Mateu
Robust Sample Budget Allocation for MIS

Fujieda, Shin; Tokuyoshi, Yusuke; Harada, Takahiro
Stochastic Light Culling for Single Scattering in Participating Media

Derevyannykh, Mikhail
Real-Time Path-Guiding Based on Parametric Mixture Models

Freire, Marco; Hornus, Samuel; Perchy, Salim; Lefebvre, Sylvain
Procedural Bridges-and-pillars Support Generation

Müller-Huschke, Julian; Ritter, Marcel; Harders, Matthias
Scene Synthesis with Automated Generation of Textual Descriptions

Aydinlilar, Melike; Zanni, Cédric
Transparent Rendering and Slicing of Integral Surfaces Using Per-primitive Interval Arithmetic

Vanhoey, Kenneth; Dupuy, Jonathan
A Halfedge Refinement Rule for Parallel Loop Subdivision

Zint, Daniel; Grosso, Roberto; Gürtler, Philipp
Resolving Non-Manifoldness on Meshes from Dual Marching Cubes

Bletterer, Arnaud; Payan, Frédéric; Antonini, Marc
Graph-based Computation of Voronoi Diagrams on Large-scale Point-based Surfaces

Kerbl, Bernhard; Horváth, Linus; Cornel, Daniel; Wimmer, Michael
An Improved Triangle Encoding Scheme for Cached Tessellation

Reinbold, Christian; Westermann, Rüdiger
Learning Generic Local Shape Properties for Adaptive Super-Sampling

Tojo, Kenji; Chen, Yifei; Umetani, Nobuyuki
Neural Motion Compression with Frequency-adaptive Fourier Feature Network

Shechter, Meitar; Hanocka, Rana; Metzer, Gal; Giryes, Raja; Cohen-Or, Daniel
NeuralMLS: Geometry-Aware Control Point Deformation

Roh, Ji Hyun; Kim, Seong Uk; Jang, Hanyoung; Seol, Yeongho; Kim, Jongmin
Interactive Facial Expression Editing with Non-linear Blendshape Interpolation

Liu, Yinchu; Andrews, Sheldon
Graph Partitioning Algorithms for Rigid Body Simulations

Ponton, Jose Luis; Monclús, Eva; Pelechano, Nuria
AvatarGo: Plug and Play self-avatars for VR

Burkus, Viktória; Kárpáti, Attila; Klár, Gergely; Szécsi, László
Real-time Sponge and Fluid Simulation