Eurographics 2010 - Posters 2010

Kim, Sung-Soo; Kang, Young-Min; Namy, Seung-Woo
Procedural Approach for RealisticWoven Fabric Rendering

Maiero, Jens; Hinkenjann, Andre
A Method for Fast Initialization of Markerless Object Tracking

Szirmay-Kalos, László; Tóth, Balázs; Magdics, Milán; Csébfalvi, Balázs
Efficient Free Path Sampling in Inhomogeneous Media

Klompmaker, F.; Ajaj, R.
Towards Multi-Touch Map Interaction on Tabletops: State of the Art and Design Recommendations

Loviscach, J.
Undoing Subpixel Rendering for Better Screenshots

Wenger, S.; Steffen, W.; Koning, N.; Morisset, C.; Magnor, M.
Automated Astrophysical Modeling with Shape

Seipel, S.; Liu, F.; Ericsson, M.
A curvature based lightning model for quasi-global diffuse illumination

Hauck, R.; Künzler, U.
A Framework for Simulation-Event Triggered Animations

Vidal, Franck; Garnier, M.; Freud, N.; Létang, J.M.; John, N.W.
Accelerated Deterministic Simulation of X-ray Attenuation Using Graphics Hardware

Kang, Hang-Bong; Woo, Hye-Yoon

Kozlíková, Barbora; Sochor, Jirí
CAVER Viewer - the explorer of behaviour of tunnels in proteins

Morris, Derek John; Anderson, Eike Falk
GPU Destruction: Real-Time Procedural Demolition of Virtual Environments

Bass, Christopher J.; Anderson, Eike Falk
Real-Time Smoke Rendering and Light Interaction

Hunter, D.W.; Tiddeman, B. P.; Perrett, D. I.
Face Fitting using a Genetic Algorithm.

Noghani, Jeremy; Liarokapis, Fotis; Anderson, Eike Falk
Procedural Generation of Urban Environments through Space and Time