SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1998

Kirk, David B.
Unsolved Problems and Opportunities for High-quality, High-performance 3D Graphics on a PC Platform

Bruijns, J.
Quadratic Bezier Triangles As Drawing Primitives

Stewart, Nigel; Leach, Geoff; John, Sabu
An Improved Z-Buffer CSG Rendering Algorithm

Mitra, Tulika; Chiueh, Tzi-cker
A Breadth-First Approach To Efficient Mesh Traversal

Heidrich, Wolfgang; Seidel, Hans-Peter
View-independent Environment Maps

Ernst, I.; Rüsseler, H.; Schulz, H.; Wittig, 0.
Gouraud Bump Mapping

Goss, Michael E.; Yuasa, Kei
Texture Tile Visibility Determination For Dynamic Texture Loading

Dachille, Frank; Kreeger, Kevin; Chen, Baoquan; Bitter, Ingmar; Kaufman, Arie
High-Quality Volume Rendering Using Texture Mapping Hardware

Kreeger, Kevin; Kaufman, Arie
PAVLOV: A Programmable Architecture for Volume Processing

Wei, Bin; Clark, Douglas W.; Felten, Edward W.; Li, Kai
Performance Issues of a Distributed Frame Buffer on a Multicomputer

Bartz, Dirk; Meißner, Michael; Hüttner, Tobias
Extending Graphics Hardware For Occlusion Queries In OpenGL

Chen, Milton; Stall, Gordon; Igehy, Homan; Proudfoot, Kekoa; Hanrahan, Pat
Simple Models of the Impact of Overlap in Bucket Rendering

Kugler, Anders
IMEM: An Intelligent Memory for Bump- and Reflection-Mapping

McCormack, Joel; McNamara, Robert; Gianos, Christopher; Seiler, Larry; Jouppi, Norman P.; Correll, Ken
Neon: A Single-Chip 3D Workstation Graphics Accelerator

lgehy, Homan; Eldridge, Matthew; Proudfoot, Kekoa
Prefetching in a Texture Cache Architecture