EuroVis 2020 - Short Papers 2020

Kerren, Andreas; Garth, Christoph; Marai, G. Elisabeta
EuroVis 2020 Short Papers: Frontmatter

Kypridemou, Elektra; Zito, Michele; Bertamini, Marco
The Effect of Graph Layout on the Perception of Graph Properties

Bors, Christian; Eichner, Christian; Miksch, Silvia; Tominski, Christian; Schumann, Heidrun; Gschwandtner, Theresia
Exploring Time Series Segmentations Using Uncertainty and Focus+Context Techniques

Oliveira, Victor Adriel de Jesus; Stoiber, Christina; Grüblbauer, Johanna; Musik, Christoph; Ringot, Alexis; Gebesmair, Andreas
SAMBAVis: Design Study of a Visual Analytics Tool for the Music Industry Powered by YouTube Comments

Riehmann, Patrick; Schädler, Andreas; Harder, Jannis; Herpel, Jakob; Froehlich, Bernd
Configuration Finder: A Tidy Visual Interface for Effective Faceted Search

Mansoor, Hamid; Gerych, Walter; Buquicchio, Luke; Alajaji, Abdulaziz; Chandrasekaran, Kavin; Agu, Emmanuel; Rundensteiner, Elke
ARGUS: Interactive Visual Analytics Framework for the Discovery of Disruptions in Bio-Behavioral Rhythms

Zohrevandi, Elmira; Westin, Carl A. L.; Lundberg, Jonas; Ynnerman, Anders
Design of a Real Time Visual Analytics Support Tool for Conflict Detection and Resolution in Air Traffic Control

Brown, Vanessa; Turkay, Cagatay; Jianu, Radu
Dissecting Visual Analytics: Comparing Frameworks for Interpreting and Modelling Observed Visual Analytics Behavior

Guo, Grace; Dy, Bianchi; Ibrahim, Nazim; Joyce, Sam Conrad; Poorthuis, Ate
Examining Design-Centric Test Participants in Graphical Perception Experiments

Ware, Colin; Samsel, Francesca; Rogers, David H.; Navratil, Paul; Mohammed, Ayat
Designing Pairs of Colormaps for Visualizing Bivariate Scalar Fields

Lambers, Martin
Interactive Creation of Perceptually Uniform Color Maps

Zhang, Yuchong; Fjeld, Morten; Said, Alan; Fratarcangeli, Marco
Task-based Colormap Design Supporting Visual Comprehension in Process Tomography

Crouser, R. Jordan; Ottley, Alvitta; Swanson, Kendra; Montoly, Ananda
Investigating the Role of Locus of Control in Moderating Complex Analytic Workflows

Chulpongsatorn, Neil; Yu, Jackie; Knudsen, Søren
Exploring Design Opportunities for Visually Congruent Proxemics in Information Visualization: A Design Space

Sukumar, Poorna Talkad; Martinez, Gonzalo J.; Grover, Ted; Mark, Gloria; D'Mello, Sidney K.; Chawla, Nitesh V.; Mattingly, Stephen M.; Striegel, Aaron D.
Characterizing Exploratory Behaviors on a Personal Visualization Interface Using Interaction Logs

Rosen, Paul; Suh, Ashley; Salgado, Christopher; Hajij, Mustafa
TopoLines: Topological Smoothing for Line Charts

Alsaiari, Abeer; Aurisano, Jillian; Johnson, Andrew E.
Evaluating Strategies of Exploratory Visual Data Analysis in Multi Device Environments

Knauthe, Volker; Ballweg, Kathrin; Wunderlich, Marcel; Landesberger, Tatiana von; Guthe, Stefan
Influence of Container Resolutions on the Layout Stability of Squarified and Slice-And-Dice Treemaps

Höhn, Markus; Wunderlich, Marcel; Ballweg, Kathrin; Landesberger, Tatiana von
Width-Scale Bar Charts for Data with Large Value Range

Abuthawabeh, Ala; Aupetit, Michaël
A Force-Directed Power Diagram Approach for Interactive Voronoi Treemaps

Santala, Simo; Oulasvirta, Antti; Weinkauf, Tino
Fast Design Space Rendering of Scatterplots

Kovacevic, Nikola; Wampfler, Rafael; Solenthaler, Barbara; Gross, Markus; Günther, Tobias
Glyph-Based Visualization of Affective States

Rojo, Diego; Htun, Nyi Nyi; Verbert, Katrien
GaCoVi: a Correlation Visualization to Support Interpretability-Aware Feature Selection for Regression Models

Ko, Hyung-Kwon; Jo, Jaemin; Seo, Jinwook
Progressive Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection

Larsen, Michael Reidun Engelbrecht; Han, Wenkai; Schulz, Hans-Jörg
Sketchy Rendering to Aid the Recollection of Regular Visualizations

Tian, Xingze; Günther, Tobias
Progressive Rendering of Transparent Integral Surfaces

Andujar, Carlos; Chica, Antonio; Comino Trinidad, Marc
Effective Visualization of Sparse Image-to-Image Correspondences

Kim, Seonghun; Balasubramanyam, Adithya; Kim, Dubeom; Chai, Young Ho; Patil, Ashok Kumar
Joint-Sphere: Intuitive and Detailed Human Joint Motion Representation

Hattab, Georges; Meyer, Felix; Albrecht, Remke Dirk; Speidel, Stefanie
MODELAR: A MODular and EvaLuative framework to improve surgical Augmented Reality visualization

Steinhauer, Nastasja; Hörbrugger, Marc; Braun, Andreas Dominik; Tüting, Thomas; Oeltze-Jafra, Steffen; Müller, Juliane
Comprehensive Visualization of Longitudinal Patient Data for the Dermatological Oncological Tumor Board

Puri, Abishek; Ku, Bon Kyung; Wang, Yong; Qu, Huamin
RankBooster: Visual Analysis of Ranking Predictions

Roberts, Jonathan C.; Butcher, Peter W. S.; Lew, Robert; Rees, Geraint Paul; Sharma, Nirwan; Frankenberg-Garcia, Ana
Visualising Collocation for Close Writing