Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2017

Schreck, Tobias; Weyrich, Tim; Sablatnig, Robert; Štular, Benjamin
Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GCH) 2017: Frontmatter

Antunes, Rui F.; Cláudio, Ana Paula; Carmo, Maria Beatriz; Correia, Luis
Animating With a Self-organizing Population the Reconstruction of Medieval Mértola

Marroquim, Ricardo; Sá, Asla Medeiros e; Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Balbio, Vitor; Zamorano, Rafael
Digitising Ivory Artefacts at the National History Museum in Brazil

Giachetti, Andrea; Ciortan, Irina Mihaela; Daffara, Claudia; Pintus, Ruggero; Gobbetti, Enrico
Multispectral RTI Analysis of Heterogeneous Artworks

Badler, Virginia; Jr., Joseph Kider; Moore, Megan; Walter, B.; Badler, Norman
Accurate Soil and Mudbrick BRDF Models for Archaeological Illumination Rendering with Application to Small Finds

Mara, Hubert; Krömker, Susanne
Visual Computing for Archaeological Artifacts with Integral Invariant Filters in 3D

Muñoz-Pandiella, Imanol; Akoglu, Kiraz; Bosch, Carles; Rushmeier, Holly
Towards Semi-Automatic Scaling Detection on Flat Stones

Arroyo, Germán; Martín, Domingo
OpenREC: A Framework for 3D Reconstruction of Models from Photographs

Dellepiane, Matteo; Callieri, Marco; Banterle, Francesco; Arenga, Domenico; Zallocco, Massimo; Scopigno, Roberto
From Paper to Web: Automatic Generation of a Web-Accessible 3D Repository of Pottery Types

Bernardes, Paulo; Alves, Mafalda; Pereira, Bruno; Madeira, Joaquim; Martins, Manuela; Fontes, Luis
Visualization of ERT Data for Archaeological Purposes

Scalas, Andreas; Mortara, Michela; Spagnuolo, Michela
3D Annotation Transfer

Wang, Zeyu; Akoglu, Kiraz; Rushmeier, Holly
An Introductory Video Generator for Disseminating Cultural Heritage Projects

Dong, Yuanfa; Webb, Mark; Harvey, Carlo; Debattista, Kurt; Chalmers, Alan
Multisensory Virtual Experience of Tanning in Medieval Coventry

Endo, Mari; Motoyama, Kiyofumi; Endo, Mamoru; Yasuda, Takami
An Application to Compare the Past and Present of Townscapes

Salyers, Joshua; Cliburn, Daniel; Sparks, Edith; Culilap, Jamie Lynn; Kuo, Sarah; Sabbatino, Kyle; Sanchez, Ronnie; Thomasson, Danielle; Tvergyak, Hannah
Little Manila: A Digital Recreation

Sundén, Erik; Lundgren, Ingemar; Ynnerman, Anders
Hybrid Virtual Reality Touch Table - An Immersive Collaborative Platform for Public Explanatory Use of Cultural Objects and Sites

Feldmann, Felix; Bogacz, Bartosz; Prager, Christian; Mara, Hubert
Histogram of Oriented Gradients for Maya Glyph Retrieval

Gregor, Robert; Mayrbrugger, Christof; Mavridis, Pavlos; Bustos, Benjamin; Schreck, Tobias
Cross-modal Content-based Retrieval for Digitized 2D and 3D Cultural Heritage Artifacts

Xi, Yang; Matsuyama, Katsutsugu; Konno, Kouichi
Pairwise Matching of Stone Tools Based on Flake-Surface Contour Points and Normals

Innmann, Matthias; Erhardt, Philipp; Schütz, Daniel; Greiner, Günther
Automatic Transfer of Landmarks on Human Skulls using GPU-based Non-rigid Registration

Savelonas, Michalis A.; Andreadis, Anthousis; Papaioannou, Georgios; Mavridis, Pavlos
Exploiting Unbroken Surface Congruity for the Acceleration of Fragment Reassembly

Maietti, Federica; Medici, Marco; Piaia, Emanuele
An Inclusive Approach to Digital Heritage: Preliminary Achievements Within the INCEPTION Project

Catalano, Chiara Eva; Repetto, Andrea; Spagnuolo, Michela
A Dashboard for the Analysis of Tangible Heritage Artefacts: a Case Study in Archaeology

Banterle, Francesco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Evans, Tim; Gattiglia, Gabriele; Itkin, Barak; Zallocco, Massimo
The ArchAIDE Project: Results and Perspectives After the First Year

Mortara, Michela; Pizzi, Corrado; Spagnuolo, Michela
Streamlining the Preparation of Scanned 3D Artifacts to Support Digital Analysis and Processing: the GRAVITATE Case Study

Papaefthymiou, M.; Nikolakopoulou, V.; Leventis, Georgios; Domajnko, M.; Ioannides, M.; Papagiannakis, G.; Santos, P.
Projecting our Past to the Future - Challenges and Results: The Case of Asinou church

Rizvic, Selma; Boskovic, Dusanka; Okanovic, Vensada; Sljivo, Sanda
Kyrenia - Hyper Storytelling Pilot Application

Elkhuizen, Willemijn S.; Essers, Tessa T. W.; Lenseigne, Boris; Weijkamp, Clemens; Song, Yu; Pont, Sylvia C.; Geraedts, Jo M.- P.; Dik, Joris
Reproduction of Gloss, Color and Relief of Paintings using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

John, David; Shaw, Lawrence; Cheetham, Paul; Manley, Harry; Stone, Aaron A.; Blakeburn, Michaela; Gosling, Karl
Educational Virtual Reality Visualisations of Heritage Sites

Rudakova, Victoria; Lin, Nathan; Trayan, Natallia; Sezgin, Tevfik Metin; Dorsey, Julie; Rushmeier, Holly
CHER-ish: A Sketch- and Image-based System for 3D Representation and Documentation of Cultural Heritage Sites

Samaroudi, Myrsini; Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Song, Ran; Evans, Roger
The Fabricated Diorama: Tactile Relief and Context-aware Technology for Visually Impaired Audiences