Computer Graphics Forum 2020 / CGF 39 - 2 

Assarsson, Ulf; Panozzo, Daniele
EUROGRAPHICS 2020: CGF 39-2 Frontmatter

Koike, Tatsuya; Morishima, Shigeo; Ando, Ryoichi
Asynchronous Eulerian Liquid Simulation

Mercier, Olivier; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek
Local Bases for Model-reduced Smoke Simulations

Lai, Junyu; Chen, Yangang; Gu, Yu; Batty, Christopher; Wan, Justin W. L.
Fast and Scalable Solvers for the Fluid Pressure Equations with Separating Solid Boundary Conditions

Lejemble, Thibault; Mura, Claudio; Barthe, Loïc; Mellado, Nicolas
Persistence Analysis of Multi-scale Planar Structure Graph in Point Clouds

Schütz, Markus; Mandlburger, Gottfried; Otepka, Johannes; Wimmer, Michael
Progressive Real-Time Rendering of One Billion Points Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures

Santesteban, Igor; Garces, Elena; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Casas, Dan
SoftSMPL: Data-driven Modeling of Nonlinear Soft-tissue Dynamics for Parametric Humans

Romero, Cristian; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Casas, Dan; Pérez, Jesús
Modeling and Estimation of Nonlinear Skin Mechanics for Animated Avatars

Schreck, Camille; Wojtan, Chris
A Practical Method for Animating Anisotropic Elastoplastic Materials

Casafranca, Juan J.; Cirio, Gabriel; Rodríguez, Alejandro; Miguel, Eder; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Mixing Yarns and Triangles in Cloth Simulation

Careil, Victor; Billeter, Markus; Eisemann, Elmar
Interactively Modifying Compressed Sparse Voxel Representations

Dolonius, Dan; Sintorn, Erik; Assarsson, Ulf
UV-free Texturing using Sparse Voxel DAGs

Currius, Roc Ramon; Dolonius, Dan; Assarsson, Ulf; Sintorn, Erik
Spherical Gaussian Light-field Textures for Fast Precomputed Global Illumination

Hasselgren, Jon; Munkberg, Jacob; Salvi, Marco; Patney, Anjul; Lefohn, Aaron
Neural Temporal Adaptive Sampling and Denoising

Hu, Bingyang; Guo, Jie; Chen, Yanjun; Li, Mengtian; Guo, Yanwen
DeepBRDF: A Deep Representation for Manipulating Measured BRDF

Rainer, Gilles; Ghosh, Abhijeet; Jakob, Wenzel; Weyrich, Tim
Unified Neural Encoding of BTFs

Zhou, Jiaran; Tu, Changhe; Zorin, Denis; Campen, Marcel
Combinatorial Construction of Seamless Parameter Domains

Zhu, Tianyu; Ye, Chunyang; Chai, Shuangming; Fu, Xiao-Ming
Greedy Cut Construction for Parameterizations

Nasikun, Ahmad; Brandt, Christopher; Hildebrandt, Klaus
Locally Supported Tangential Vector, n-Vector, and Tensor Fields

Carrigan, Emma; Zell, Eduard; Guiard, Cedric; McDonnell, Rachel
Expression Packing: As-Few-As-Possible Training Expressions for Blendshape Transfer

Wang, Mengjiao; Bradley, Derek; Zafeiriou, Stefanos; Beeler, Thabo
Facial Expression Synthesis using a Global-Local Multilinear Framework

Fratarcangeli, Marco; Bradley, Derek; Gruber, Aurel; Zoss, Gaspard; Beeler, Thabo
Fast Nonlinear Least Squares Optimization of Large-Scale Semi-Sparse Problems

Li, Zijia; Nawratil, Georg; Rist, Florian; Hensel, Michael
Invertible Paradoxic Loop Structures for Transformable Design

Stadlbauer, Pascal; Mlakar, Daniel; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Steinberger, Markus; Zayer, Rhaleb
Interactive Modeling of Cellular Structures on Surfaces with Application to Additive Manufacturing

Vitsas, Nick; Papaioannou, Georgios; Gkaravelis, Anastasios; Vasilakis, Andreas-Alexandros
Illumination-Guided Furniture Layout Optimization

Bunge, Astrid; Herholz, Philipp; Kazhdan, Misha; Botsch, Mario
Polygon Laplacian Made Simple

Lescoat, Thibault; Liu, Hsueh-Ti Derek; Thiery, Jean-Marc; Jacobson, Alec; Boubekeur, Tamy; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Spectral Mesh Simplification

Trettner, Philip; Kobbelt, Leif
Fast and Robust QEF Minimization using Probabilistic Quadrics

Mlakar, Daniel; Winter, Martin; Stadlbauer, Pascal; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Steinberger, Markus; Zayer, Rhaleb
Subdivision-Specialized Linear Algebra Kernels for Static and Dynamic Mesh Connectivity on the GPU

Gruson, Adrien; West, Rex; Hachisuka, Toshiya
Stratified Markov Chain Monte Carlo Light Transport

Gamboa, Luis E.; Gruson, Adrien; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek
An Efficient Transport Estimator for Complex Layered Materials

Jung, Alisa; Hanika, Johannes; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Spectral Mollification for Bidirectional Fluorescence

Cui, Qiaodong; Langlois, Timothy; Sen, Pradeep; Kim, Theodore
Fast and Robust Stochastic Structural Optimization

Xu, Hao; Fu, Tianwen; Song, Peng; Zhou, Mingjun; Fu, Chi-Wing; Mitra, Niloy J.
Computational Design and Optimization of Non-Circular Gears

Ma, Zhao; Walzer, Alexander; Schumacher, Christian; Rust, Romana; Gramazio, Fabio; Kohler, Matthias; Bächer, Moritz
Designing Robotically-Constructed Metal Frame Structures

Filoscia, Irene; Alderighi, Thomas; Giorgi, Daniela; Malomo, Luigi; Callieri, Marco; Cignoni, Paolo
Optimizing Object Decomposition to Reduce Visual Artifacts in 3D Printing

Rocha, Luís Cláudio Gouveia; Oliveira, Manuel M.; Gastal, Eduardo S. L.
Prefilters for Sharp Image Display

Inoue, Naoto; Ito, Daichi; Hold-Geoffroy, Yannick; Mai, Long; Price, Brian; Yamasaki, Toshihiko
RGB2AO: Ambient Occlusion Generation from RGB Images

Hajisharif, Saghi; Miandji, Ehsan; Guillemot, Christine; Unger, Jonas
Single Sensor Compressive Light Field Video Camera

Wen, Quan; Bradley, Derek; Beeler, Thabo; Park, Seonwook; Hilliges, Otmar; Yong, Jun-Hai; Xu, Feng
Accurate Real-time 3D Gaze Tracking Using a Lightweight Eyeball Calibration

Alexanderson, Simon; Henter, Gustav Eje; Kucherenko, Taras; Beskow, Jonas
Style-Controllable Speech-Driven Gesture Synthesis Using Normalising Flows

Kim, SangBin; Park, Inbum; Kwon, Seongsu; Han, JungHyun
Motion Retargetting based on Dilated Convolutions and Skeleton-specific Loss Functions

Chitalu, Floyd M.; Dubach, Christophe; Komura, Taku
Binary Ostensibly-Implicit Trees for Fast Collision Detection

Burg, Ludovic; Lino, Christophe; Christie, Marc
Real-time Anticipation of Occlusions for Automated Camera Control in Toric Space

Son, Sang-Hyun; Yoon, Seung-Hyun; Kim, Myung-Soo; Elber, Gershon
Efficient Minimum Distance Computation for Solids of Revolution

Galin, Eric; Guérin, Eric; Paris, Axel; Peytavie, Adrien
Segment Tracing Using Local Lipschitz Bounds

Cohen, Aharon; Ben-Chen, Mirela
Robust Shape Collection Matching and Correspondence from Shape Differences

Chitalu, Floyd M.; Miao, Qinghai; Subr, Kartic; Komura, Taku
Displacement-Correlated XFEM for Simulating Brittle Fracture

Vimont, Ulysse; Gain, James; Lastic, Maud; Cordonnier, Guillaume; Abiodun, Babatunde; Cani, Marie-Paule
Interactive Meso-scale Simulation of Skyscapes

Canabal, José A.; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Kim, Byungmoon; Echevarria, Jose
Simulation of Dendritic Painting