VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage 2006

Laycock, Robert George; Laycock, Stephen David; Day, Andy M.
Haptic Navigation and Exploration of High Quality Pre-rendered Environments

Gi, Yong Jea; Park, Young Sup; Seo, Sang Hyun; Yoon, Kyoung Hyun
Mosaic Rendering using Colored Paper

Yin, Xin; Miichi, Yasuo; Tanaka, Hiromi T.
Restoration of Color in Noh Masks Based on Retinex Algorithm

Bridault, Flavien; Rousselle, François; Renaud, Christophe; Leblond, Michel
Real-time Animation of Various Flame Shapes

Beraldin, J.-Angelo; Blais, Francois; Cournoyer, Luc; Picard, Michel; Gamache, Daniel; Valzano, Virginia; Bandiera, Adriana; Gorgoglione, M. A.
Multi-Resolution Digital 3D Imaging System Applied to the Recording of Grotto Sites: the Case of the Grotta dei Cervi

Aguilera, Diego Gonzalez; Lahoz, Javier Gomez
Terrestrial Laser Scanner and High-Resolution Camera Registration through Single Image-Based Modeling

Al-Manasir, Khalil; Fraser, Clive S.
Co-registration of Photogrammetric and Laser Scanner Data for Generation of 3D Visual Models

Drap, Pierre; Durand, Anne; Nedir, Malika; Seinturier, Julien; Papini, Odile; Boucault, Florian; Chapman, Paul; Viant, Warren; Vannini, Guido; Nuccioti, Michele
Towards a Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality Based Heritage Information System: A Case Study of Shawbak Castle in Jordan

Heine, Katja; Brasse, Christiane; Wulf, Ulrike
WWW-Based Building Information System for "Domus Severiana" Palace at Palatine in Rome by Open Source Software

Linaza, Maria Teresa; García, Ander; Susperregui, Ana; Lamsfus, Carlos
Interactive Mobile Assistants for Added-value Cultural Contents

Kwee, Verdy; Radford, Antony; Bruton, Dean
Educative Visuals - Digital Delivery of Architectural Information for (potential) Heritage Buildings

Stawniak, Miroslaw; Walczak, Krzysztof
Geographical Presentation of Virtual Museum Exhibitions

McLoughlin, Jim; Kaminski, Jaime; Sodagar, Babak
ICT Investment Considerations and their Influence on the Socio-Economic Impact of Heritage Sites

Tsolis, Dimitrios K.; Nikolopoulos, Spiridon N.; Karatzas, Emmanouil G.; Sioutas, Spiridon A.; Hondrou, E. A.; Mouriki, A. I.; Georgiadou, A. A.; Papatheodorou, Theodore S.
Watermarking and Digital Rights Management - A Pilot DRM System Implementation and Technical Guidelines to Cultural Digitization Projects

Hermon, Sorin; Nikodem, Joanna; Perlingieri, Cinzia
Deconstructing the VR - Data Transparency, Quantified Uncertainty and Reliability of 3D Models

Boussellaa, Wafa; Abed, Haikal El; Zahour, A.
A Concept for the Separation of Foreground/ Background in Arabic Historical Manuscripts using Hybrid Methods

Müller, Pascal; Vereenooghe, Tijl; Wonka, Peter; Paap, Iken; Gool, Luc Van
Procedural 3D Reconstruction of Puuc Buildings in Xkipché

Wehr, Aloysius; Hemmleb, Matthias; Maierhofer, Chr.
Multi-Spectral Laser Scanning for Inspection of Building Surfaces - State of the Art and Future Concepts

Doneus, Michael; Briese, C.
Digital Terrain Modelling for Archaeological Interpretation within Forested Areas using Full-Waveform Laserscanning

Haala, Norbert; Alshawabkeh, Yahya
Combining Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry - A Hybrid Approach for Heritage Documentation

Larue, Frédéric; Dischler, Jean-Michel
Automatic Registration and Calibration for Efficient Surface Light Field Acquisition

Dellepiane, Matteo; Corsini, Massimiliano; Callieri, Marco; Scopigno, Roberto
High Quality PTM Acquisition: Reflection Transformation Imaging for Large Objects

Chuter, Alice; Devlin, Kate
Current Practice in Digital Imaging in UK Archaeology

Mudge, Mark; Malzbender, Tom; Schroer, Carla; Lum, Marlin
New Reflection Transformation Imaging Methods for Rock Art and Multiple-Viewpoint Display

Niccolucci, Franco; D'Andrea, Andrea
An Ontology for 3D Cultural Objects

D'Andrea, Andrea; Marchese, Giulia; Zoppi, Tommaso
Ontological Modelling for Archaeological Data

Tost, Laia Pujol; Economou, Maria
Evaluating the Social Context of ICT Applications in Museum Exhibitions

Chittaro, Luca; Ranon, Roberto; Corvaglia, Demis
Destroying Cultural Heritage: Technical, Emotional and Exhibition Aspects in Simulating Earthquake Effects on a Gothic Cathedral

Gibbons, C.; Wyeld, Theodor G.; Leavy, B.; Hills, J.
Reflecting on the Creation of an Authentic Aural Experience in the Digital Songlines Game Engine: Part of a Contextualised Cultural Heritage Knowledge Toolkit

El-Hakim, Sabry F.; MacDonald, George; Lapointe, Jean-François; Gonzo, Lorenzo; Jemtrud, Michael
On the Digital Reconstruction and Interactive Presentation of Heritage Sites through Time

Paoli, Giovanni De; El-Khoury, Nada
The backstage of Byblos' Roman theatre: New Digital Devices using Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Jabi, Wassim; Potamianos, Iakovos
A Parametric Exploration of the Lighting Method of the Hagia Sophia Dome