Computer Graphics Forum 2022 / CGF 41 - 2 

Chaine, Raphaëlle; Kim, Min H.
EUROGRAPHICS 2022: CGF 41-2 Frontmatter

Firmino, Arthur; Frisvad, Jeppe Revall; Jensen, Henrik Wann
Progressive Denoising of Monte Carlo Rendered Images

Takimoto, Yusuke; Sato, Hiroyuki; Takehara, Hikari; Uragaki, Keishiro; Tawara, Takehiro; Liang, Xiao; Oku, Kentaro; Kishimoto, Wataru; Zheng, Bo
Dressi: A Hardware-Agnostic Differentiable Renderer with Reactive Shader Packing and Soft Rasterization

Kips, Robin; Jiang, Ruowei; Ba, Sileye; Duke, Brendan; Perrot, Matthieu; Gori, Pietro; Bloch, Isabelle
Real-time Virtual-Try-On from a Single Example Image through Deep Inverse Graphics and Learned Differentiable Renderers

Yang, Yuting; Barnes, Connelly; Finkelstein, Adam
Learning from Shader Program Traces

Liu, Sean J.; Agrawala, Maneesh; DiVerdi, Stephen; Hertzmann, Aaron
ZoomShop: Depth-Aware Editing of Photographic Composition

Wang, Chao; Chen, Bin; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Myszkowski, Karol; Serrano, Ana
Learning a Self-supervised Tone Mapping Operator via Feature Contrast Masking Loss

Guérin, Eric; Peytavie, Adrien; Masnou, Simon; Digne, Julie; Sauvage, Basile; Gain, James; Galin, Eric
Gradient Terrain Authoring

Kim, Byungsoo; Huang, Xingchang; Wuelfroth, Laura; Tang, Jingwei; Cordonnier, Guillaume; Gross, Markus; Solenthaler, Barbara
Deep Reconstruction of 3D Smoke Densities from Artist Sketches

Li, Rui-Zeng; Guo, Jia-Peng; Wang, Qi; Chai, Shuangming; Liu, Ligang; Fu, Xiao-Ming
Interactive Editing of Discrete Chebyshev Nets

Zell, Eduard; McDonnell, Rachel
Compact Facial Landmark Layouts for Performance Capture

Nir, Oron; Rapoport, Gal; Shamir, Ariel
CAST: Character labeling in Animation using Self-supervision by Tracking

Chen, Xuelin; Li, Weiyu; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Mitra, Niloy J.; Chen, Baoquan
MoCo-Flow: Neural Motion Consensus Flow for Dynamic Humans in Stationary Monocular Cameras

Martin, Rosalie; Roullier, Arthur; Rouffet, Romain; Kaiser, Adrien; Boubekeur, Tamy
MaterIA: Single Image High-Resolution Material Capture in the Wild

Griffiths, David; Ritschel, Tobias; Philip, Julien
OutCast: Outdoor Single-image Relighting with Cast Shadows

Chandran, Prashanth; Zoss, Gaspard; Gross, Markus; Gotardo, Paulo; Bradley, Derek
Shape Transformers: Topology-Independent 3D Shape Models Using Transformers

Cabrero-Daniel, Beatriz; Marques, Ricardo; Hoyet, Ludovic; Pettré, Julien; Blat, Josep
Dynamic Combination of Crowd Steering Policies Based on Context

Brückler, Hendrik; Gupta, Ojaswi; Mandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel
The 3D Motorcycle Complex for Structured Volume Decomposition

Zhang, Wen-Xiang; Wang, Qi; Guo, Jia-Peng; Chai, Shuangming; Liu, Ligang; Fu, Xiao-Ming
Constrained Remeshing Using Evolutionary Vertex Optimization

Zhang, Xiaowei; Aliaga, Daniel
Procedural Roof Generation From a Single Satellite Image

Cohen, Nadav; Newman, Yael; Shamir, Ariel
Semantic Segmentation in Art Paintings

Neff, Thomas; Mueller, Joerg H.; Steinberger, Markus; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Meshlets and How to Shade Them: A Study on Texture-Space Shading

Gaillard, Mathieu; Krs, Vojtech; Gori, Giorgio; Mech, Radomír; Benes, Bedrich
Automatic Differentiable Procedural Modeling

Cascaval, Dan; Shalah, Mira; Quinn, Phillip; Bodik, Rastislav; Agrawala, Maneesh; Schulz, Adriana
Differentiable 3D CAD Programs for Bidirectional Editing

Su, Haozhe; Xue, Tao; Han, Chengguizi; Aanjaneya, Mridul
A-ULMPM: An Adaptively Updated Lagrangian Material Point Method for Efficient Physics Simulation without Numerical Fracture

Schreck, Camille; Wojtan, Chris
Coupling 3D Liquid Simulation with 2D Wave Propagation for Large Scale Water Surface Animation Using the Equivalent Sources Method

Wang, Bolun; Ferguson, Zachary; Jiang, Xin; Attene, Marco; Panozzo, Daniele; Schneider, Teseo
Fast and Exact Root Parity for Continuous Collision Detection

Rainer, Gilles; Bousseau, Adrien; Ritschel, Tobias; Drettakis, George
Neural Precomputed Radiance Transfer

Fraboni, Basile; Webanck, Antoine; Bonneel, Nicolas; Iehl, Jean-Claude
Volumetric Multi-View Rendering

Mézières, Pierre; Mellado, Nicolas; Barthe, Loïc; Paulin, Mathias
Recursive Analytic Spherical Harmonics Gradient for Spherical Lights

Moschella, Luca; Melzi, Simone; Cosmo, Luca; Maggioli, Filippo; Litany, Or; Ovsjanikov, Maks; Guibas, Leonidas; Rodolà, Emanuele
Learning Spectral Unions of Partial Deformable 3D Shapes

Dou, Zhiyang; Lin, Cheng; Xu, Rui; Yang, Lei; Xin, Shiqing; Komura, Taku; Wang, Wenping
Coverage Axis: Inner Point Selection for 3D Shape Skeletonization

Zhang, Zibo; Liu, Xueting; Li, Chengze; Wu, Huisi; Wen, Zhenkun
Vectorizing Line Drawings of Arbitrary Thickness via Boundary-based Topology Reconstruction

Schertzer, Jérémie; Mercier, Corentin; Rousseau, Sylvain; Boubekeur, Tamy
Fiblets for Real-Time Rendering of Massive Brain Tractograms

Metzer, Gal; Hanocka, Rana; Giryes, Raja; Mitra, Niloy J.; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Z2P: Instant Visualization of Point Clouds

Bedel, Adrien; Coudert-Osmont, Yoann; Martínez, Jonàs; Nishat, Rahnuma Islam; Whitesides, Sue; Lefebvre, Sylvain
Closed Space-filling Curves with Controlled Orientation for 3D Printing

Jourdan, David; Skouras, Mélina; Vouga, Etienne; Bousseau, Adrien
Computational Design of Self-Actuated Surfaces by Printing Plastic Ribbons on Stretched Fabric

Liu, Zhenyuan; Hu, Jingyu; Xu, Hao; Song, Peng; Zhang, Ran; Bickel, Bernd; Fu, Chi-Wing
Worst-Case Rigidity Analysis and Optimization for Assemblies with Mechanical Joints

Colas, Adèle; van Toll, Wouter; Zibrek, Katja; Hoyet, Ludovic; Olivier, Anne-Hélène; Pettré, Julien
Interaction Fields: Intuitive Sketch-based Steering Behaviors for Crowd Simulation

Vechev, Velko; Zarate, Juan; Thomaszewski, Bernhard; Hilliges, Otmar
Computational Design of Kinesthetic Garments

Li, Yu Di; Tang, Min; Yang, Yun; Huang, Zi; Tong, Ruo Feng; Yang, Shuang Cai; Li, Yao; Manocha, Dinesh
N-Cloth: Predicting 3D Cloth Deformation with Mesh-Based Networks