Pacific Graphics Short Papers 2015

Stam, Jos; Mitra, Niloy J.; Xu, Kun
Frontmatter: Pacific Graphics 2015 - Short Papers

Song, Peng; Chen, Xiaoping
Pairwise Surface Registration Using Local Voxelizer

Leung, Yuen Shan; Wang, Xiaoning; He, Ying; Liu, Yong-Jin; Wang, Charlie C. L.
Robust and GPU-friendly Isotropic Meshing Based on Narrow-banded Euclidean Distance Transformation

Yu, Jinze; Sato, Yoichi
Structure-Preserving Image Smoothing via Phase Congruency-aware Weighted Least Square

Xia, Qing; Li, Shuai; Qin, Hong; Hao, Aimin
Modal Space Subdivision for Physically-plausible 4D Shape Sequence Completion from Sparse Samples

Wan, Lili; Jiang, Jingyu; Zhang, Hao
Incomplete 3D Shape Retrieval via Sparse Dictionary Learning

Gilles, Antonin; Gioia, Patrick; Cozot, Rémi; Morin, Luce
Complex Modulation Computer-Generated Hologram with Occlusion Effect by a Fast Hybrid Point-source/Wave-field Approach

Tian, Yuan; Yang, Yin; Guo, Xiaohu; Prabhakaran, Balakrishnan
Adaptive Hierarchical Shape Matching

Li, Hong; Wu, Wen; Wu, Enhua
Efficient Interactive Image Segmentation with Local and Global Consistency

Yeh, Chen Ting; Ho, Tien-Yu; Huang, Szu-Hao; Lai, Shang-Hong
Simultaneous Stereo Rectification and Distortion Correction with Application to DoF Synthesis

Yi, Lei; Li, Hongjun; Guo, Jianwei; Deussen, Oliver; Zhang, Xiaopeng
Light-Guided Tree Modeling of Diverse Biomorphs

Wardhana, Nicholas Mario; Johan, Henry; Seah, Hock-Soon
Accelerating Graph-based Path Planning Through Waypoint Clustering

Possemiers, Aidan. L.; Lee, Ickjai
Parallel Importing of OBJ Meshes in CUDA

Pan, Xiao; Zhou, Yuanfeng; Liu, Shuwei; Zhang, Caiming
Superpixels Generation of RGB-D Images Based on Geodesic Distance

Peethambaran, Jiju; Parakkat, Amal Dev; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan
A Voronoi based Labeling Approach to Curve Reconstruction and Medial Axis Approximation