Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation 2017

Jaillet, Fabrice; Zara, Florence
VRIPHYS 2017: Frontmatter

Goswami, Prashant; Neyret, Fabrice
Real-time Landscape-size Convective Clouds Simulation and Rendering

Altenhofen, Christian; Schuwirth, Felix; Stork, André; Fellner, Dieter W.
Implicit Mesh Generation using Volumetric Subdivision

Band, Stefan; Gissler, Christoph; Teschner, Matthias
Moving Least Squares Boundaries for SPH Fluids

Gissler, Christoph; Band, Stefan; Peer, Andreas; Ihmsen, Markus; Teschner, Matthias
Approximate Air-Fluid Interactions for SPH

Andersen, Michael; Niebe, Sarah; Erleben, Kenny
A Fast Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP) Solver for Separating Fluid-Solid Wall Boundary Conditions

Frâncu, Mihai; Moldoveanu, Florica
Unified Simulation of Rigid and Flexible Bodies Using Position Based Dynamics

Ouzounis, Christos; Kilias, Alex; Mousas, Christos
Kernel Projection of Latent Structures Regression for Facial Animation Retargeting

Kenwright, Ben
Inverse Kinematic Solutions for Articulated Characters using Massively Parallel Architectures and Differential Evolutionary Algorithms

Gouis, Benoît Le; Marchal, Maud; Lécuyer, Anatole; Arnaldi, Bruno
Elasticity-based Clustering for Haptic Interaction with Heterogeneous Deformable Objects

Granados, Alejandro; Perhac, Jan; Rosby, Lucy Victoria; Lee, Yee Mun; Tan, Glenn Wei Leong; Tan, Tai Chi; Higham, Jenny; Thalmann, Nadia; Low-Beer, Naomi; Bello, Fernando
See-through Visualisation for Training and Assessing Unsighted Physical Examinations