Eurographics 2021 - Education Papers 2021

Sousa Santos, Beatriz; Domik, Gitta
EUROGRAPHICS 2021: Education Papers Frontmatter

Reimann, Max; Wegen, Ole; Pasewaldt, Sebastian; Semmo, Amir; Döllner, Jürgen; Trapp, Matthias
Teaching Data-driven Video Processing via Crowdsourced Data Collection

Hácha, Filip; Vanecek, Petr; Váša, Libor
A Virtual Reality Platform for Immersive Education in Computer Graphics

Dörner, Ralf; Horst, Robin
Conveying Firsthand Experience: The Circuit Parcours Technique for Efficient and Engaging Teaching in Courses about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Diehl, Alexandra; Firat, Elif E.; Torsney-Weir, Thomas; Abdul-Rahman, Alfie; Bach, Benjamin; Laramee, Robert; Pajarola, Renato; Chen, Min
VisGuided: A Community-driven Approach for Education in Visualization

Casas, Dan
Teaching 3D Computer Animation to Non-programming Experts

Kucher, Kostiantyn; Martins, Rafael M.; Kerren, Andreas
Project in Visualization and Data Analysis: Experiences in Designing and Coordinating the Course

Anderson, Eike Falk
Reconstructing the Past: Outstanding Student-Created Virtual Heritage Experiences

Pattanaik, Sumanta N.; Benamira, Alexis
Teaching Computer Graphics During Pandemic using Observable Notebook

Ilinkin, Ivaylo
Marching Cubes for Teaching GLSL Programming