Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2022

Bender, Jan; Botsch, Mario; Keim, Daniel A.
VMV 2022: Frontmatter

Mallick, Arijit; Engelhardt, Andreas; Braun, Raphael; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
Local Attention Guided Joint Depth Upsampling

Höhlein, Kevin; Weiss, Sebastian; Westermann, Rüdiger
Evaluation of Volume Representation Networks for Meteorological Ensemble Compression

Li, Rui; Rückert, Darius; Wang, Yuanhao; Idoughi, Ramzi; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Neural Adaptive Scene Tracing (NAScenT)

Schmitz, Patric; Suder, Sebastian; Schuster, Kersten; Kobbelt, Leif
Interactive Segmentation of Textured Point Clouds

Knauthe, Volker; Kraus, Maurice; Buelow, Max von; Wirth, Tristan; Rak, Arne; Merth, Laurenz; Erbe, Alexander; Kontermann, Christian; Guthe, Stefan; Kuijper, Arjan; Fellner, Dieter W.
Alignment and Reassembly of Broken Specimens for Creep Ductility Measurements

Stümmel, Marvin; Brüll, Felix; Grosch, Thorsten
Relaxed Parallel Priority Queue with Filter Levels for Parallel Mesh Decimation

Lieb, Simon J.; Klee, Nicolas; Lawonn, Kai
Clasping Trees - A Pipeline for Interactive Procedural Tree Generation

Ehgartner, Ayumi; Hemmerling, Julia; Mosayebi, Elli; Günther, Tobias
Visualizing the Movement of Space-Defining Rotatable Elements in Architecture

Trautner, Thomas; Sbardellati, Maximilian; Stoppel, Sergej; Bruckner, Stefan
Honeycomb Plots: Visual Enhancements for Hexagonal Maps

Winchenbach, Rene; Thuerey, Nils
Visualizing Optimizers using Chebyshev Proxies and Fatou Sets

Hissbach, Anny-Marleen; Dick, Christian; Lawonn, Kai
An Overview of Techniques for Egocentric Black Hole Visualization and Their Suitability for Planetarium Applications

Demiralp, Ali Can; Krüger, Marcel; Chao, Chu; Kuhlen, Torsten W.; Gerrits, Tim
Astray: A Performance-Portable Geodesic Ray Tracer

Wang, Jiayi; Luvizon, Diogo; Mueller, Franziska; Bernard, Florian; Kortylewski, Adam; Casas, Dan; Theobalt, Christian
HandFlow: Quantifying View-Dependent 3D Ambiguity in Two-Hand Reconstruction with Normalizing Flow

Eschbach, Robin; Messerschmidt, Kai; Keidel, Ralf; Wiebel, Alexander
Semi-Automatic Particle Tracking for and Visualization of Particle Detector Data

Tarner, Hagen; Bruder, Valentin; Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas; Beck, Fabian
Visually Comparing Rendering Performance from Multiple Perspectives

Meenrattanakorn, Krittin; Lambers, Martin
Real-Time Caustics Using Cascaded Image-Space Photon Tracing

Neuhauser, Christoph; Wang, Junpeng; Kern, Michael; Westermann, Rüdiger
Efficient High-Quality Rendering of Ribbons and Twisted Lines

Nilles, Alexander Maximilian; Müller, Stefan
A Moving Least Squares Material Point Method for Varied Porous Material Interactions and Non-sticky Coupling of Phases