Computer Graphics Forum 1996 / CGF 15 - 3 

Zakait, Yaron; Rappoport, Ari
Three-Dimensional Modeling and Effects on Still Images

Breen, David E.; Whitaker, Ross T.; Rose, Eric; Tuceryan, Mihran
Interactive Occlusion and Automatic Object Placement for Augmented Reality

Berger, M.-O.; Chevrier, C.; Simon, G.
Compositing Computer and Video Image Sequences: Robust Algorithms for the Reconstruction of the Camera Parameters

Beylot, P; Gingins, P; Kalra, P; Thalmann, N Magnenat; Maurel, W; Thalmann, D; Fasel, J
3D Interactive Topological Modeling using Visible Human Dataset

Haley, Michael B.; Blake, Edwin H.
Incremental Volume Rendering Using Hierarchical Compression

Bro-Nielsen, Morten; Cotin, Stephane
Real-time Volumetric Deformable Models for Surgery Simulation using Finite Elements and Condensation

Ronfard, Remi; Rossignac, Jarek
Full-range approximation of triangulated polyhedra.

Algorri, Maria-Elena; Schmitt, Francis
Mesh Simplification

Andujar, C.; Ayala, D.; Brunet, P.; Arinyo, R. Joan; Sole, J.
Automatic Generation of Multiresolution Boundary Representations

Buchanan, John W.
Special Effects with Half-Toning

Dobashi, Yoshinori; Kaneda, Kazufumi; Yamashita, Hideo; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Method for Calculation of Sky Light Luminance Aiming at an Interactive Architectural Design

Karner, Konrad F.; Mayer, Heinz; Gervautz, Michael
An Image based Measurement System for Anisotropic Reflection

Ranjan, V.; Fournier, A.
Matching and Interpolation of Shapes using Unions of Circles

Galin, E.; Akkouche, S.
Blob Metamorphosis based on Minkowski Sums

Promayon, E.; Baconnier, P.; Puech, C.
Physically-Based Deformations Constrained in Displacements and Volume

Crespin, Benoit; Blanc, Carole; Schlick, Christophe
Implicit Sweep Objects

Greiner, Gunther; Loos, Joachim; Wesselink, Wieger
Data Dependent Thin Plate Energy and its use in Interactive Surface Modeling

Higashi, Masatake; Tsutamori, Hideo; Hosaka, Mamoru
Generation of Smooth Surfaces by Controlling Curvature Variation

Turner, Russell; Gobbetti, Enrico; Soboroff, Ian
Head-Tracked Stereo Viewing with Two-Handed 3 D Interaction for Animated Character Construction

Madritsch, Franz; Gervautz, Michael
CCD-Camera Based Optical Beacon Tracking for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Munch, Stefan; Stangenberg, Martin
Intelligent Control for Haptic Displays

Schaufler, Gernot; Sturzlinger, Wolfgang
A Three Dimensional Image Cache for Virtual Reality

ORTI, Rachel; RIVIERE, Stephane; DURAND, Fredo; PUECH, Claude
Radiosity for dynamic scenes in flatland with the visibility complex

Sudarsky, Oded; Gotsman, Craig
Output-SensitiveVisibility Algorithms for Dynamic Scenes with Applications to Virtual Reality

Shainir, Ariel; Rappoport, Ari
Extraction of Typographic Elements from Outline Representations of Fonts

Zair, Chems Eddine; Tosan, Eric
Fractal modeling using free form techniques

POULET, Francois; LUCAS, Michel
Modelling Megalithic Sites

Smets-Solanes, Jean-Paul
Vector Field Based Texture Mapping of Animated Implicit Objects

Hutchinson, D.; Lin, F.; Hewitt, W.T.
Surface Graph Sketching

Generation of 3D Texture Using Multiple 2D Models Analysis

Bouatouch, Kadi; Pattanaik, S. N.; Zeghers, Eric
Computation of Higher Order Illumination with a Non-Deterministic Approach

Hughes, Merlin; Lastra, Anselmo A.; Saxe, Edward
Simplification of Global-Illumination Meshes

Ouhyoung, Ming; Chuang, Yung-Yu; Liang, Rung-Huei
Reusable Radiosity Objects

Faure, Francois
An Energy-Based Approach for Contact Force Computation

Laakko, Timo; Mantyla, Martti
Incremental constraint modelling in a feature modelling system

Preston, Martin; Hewitt, Terry
Integrating Computer Animation and Multimedia

Barequet, Gill; Chazelle, Bernard; Guibas, Leonidas J.; Mitchell, Joseph S.B.; Tal, Ayellet
BOXTREE: A Hierarchical Representation for Surfaces in 3D

Oliva, J-M.; Perrin, M.; Coquillart, S.
3D Reconstruction of Complex Polyhedral Shapes from Contours using a Simplified Generalized Voronoi Diagram

Kobbelt, Leif
Interpolatory Subdivision on Open Quadrilateral Nets with Arbitrary Topology

Schmalstieg, Dieter; Gervautz, Michael
Demand-Driven Geometry Transmission for Distributed Virtual Environments

Encarnacao, L. Miguel; Fechter, Jurgen; Grunert, Thomas; Strasser, Wolfgang
A Platform for User-Tailored Interaction Development in 2D, 3D, and VR

Haase, Helmut
Symbiosis of Virtual Reality and Scientific Visualization System