Computer Graphics Forum 1991 / CGF 10 - 1 

Adelson, Stephen J.; Bentley, Jeffrey B.; Chong, In Seok and Hodges, Larry F. and Winograd, Joseph
Simultaneous Generation of Stereoscopic Views

Damnjanovic, Ljiljana B.
The Formal Specification of Level la of GKS

Hardenbergh, Jan; Michener, James
Integrating PHIGS and User Interface Systems

Neelamkavil, F.; Mullarney, O.
A Methodology And Tool Set For Supporting The Development Of Graphical User Interfaces

Willis, Philip; Hunter, Andrew
A Picture Archive Browser

Bakker, Miente
Triangle Sets in PHIGS PLUS: a Valuable Link with Finite Element Modeling

Szyszkowicz, Mieczyslaw
Block Iterations in the Complex Plane