VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage - Short and Project Papers 2010

Xu, Chen; Rushmeier, Holly
Using Abstract Model Representations to Complete Three Dimensional Scans of Architectural Space

Ancona, Massimo; Mascardi, Viviana; Quercini, Gianluca; Bogdanovych, Anton; Lumley, Henry De; Papaleo, Laura; Simoff, Simeon; Traverso, Antonella
Virtual Institutions for Preserving and Simulating the Culture of Mount Bego's Ancient People

Michael, Despina; Zaharias, Panagiotis; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos
A Virtual Tour of the Walls of Nicosia: An Assessment of Children's Experience and Learning Performance

Robin, Bertille; Hilpert, Thibaut; Miyazawa, Keisuke; Callet, Patrick; Contencin, François-Xavier de; Zymla, Anna
Virtual Replication of the Idalion Tablet

Trujillo, Jhon Alejandro Triana; Figueroa, Pablo Alejandro Pablo; Peñaloza, José Tiberio Hernández
Le Corbusier in Bogota 1947-1951: Designing a VR Experience

Colantoni, Philippe; Thomas, Jean-Baptiste; Pillay, Ruven
Graph-based 3D Visualization of Color Content in Paintings

Gabrielli, Roberto; D'Andrea, Andrea; Angelini, Andrea; Amico, Nicola; Iannone, Giancarlo; Georgiou, Ropertos
3D Pipeline from Data Acquisition to Data Visualization of the Hellenistic-Roman Theatre of Paphos

Ceconello, Mauro; Spallazzo, Davide
Virtual Reality for the Exploitation of Houses and Historical Gardens - The Example of Villa Arconati

Subsol, Gerard; Bourdin, Pierre; Duranthon, Francis; Braga, J.
3D Digitizing and Visualizing a Prehistoric Portable Art Object: a 12,000 Years Old "Bâton Percé"

Dutailly, Bruno; Mora, Pascal; Vergnieux, Robert
3D Reconstruction of Archaeological Sites Using Photogrammetry

Haberman, Olivier; Damala, Areti; Pellerin, Romain; Haberman, Ugo; Gressier-Soudan, Eric
Exploring Contemporary Painting through Spatial Annotations Using RFID Tags

Zöllner, Michael; Becker, Mario; Keil, Jens
Snapshot Augmented Reality - Augmented Photography

Handron, Kerry; Jacobson, Jeffrey
Extending Physical Collections Into the Virtual Space of a Digital Dome

Kolin, David; Joly, Morwena
3D-Digitization of the ''Wild Goat'' Vases

Hullo, Jean-François; Grussenmeyer, Pierre; Assali, Pierre; Smigiel, Eddie
Dense Point Cloud Acquisition via Stereo Matching Applied to: the Kilwa Archaeological Site and the Gallo-Roman Theatre of Mandeure

Coralini, Antonella; Guidazzoli, Antonella; Corlàita, Daniela Scagliarini; Toffalori, Elena
ViSMan-DHER: a Virtual Archaeology Application for Visualization and Management of Archaeological Data Related to ancient Herculaneum (NA), Italy

Barazzetti, Luigi; Fangi, Gabriele; Remondino, Fabio; Scaioni, Marco
Automation in Multi-Image Spherical Photogrammetry for 3D Architectural Reconstructions

Apollonio, Fabrizio I.; Gaiani, Marco; Baldissini, Simone
Architectural 3D Modeling for a 3D GIS Web-Based System

Tucci, Grazia; Nobile, Alessia; Bonora, Valentina
Surveying Hypogeous Structures: the Case Study of Santa Maria in Stelle in Valpantena

Damala, Areti; Astic, Isabelle; Aunis, Coline
PLUG, Université Paris Nuit: A Design Reiteration of a Mobile Museum Edutainment Application

Carillo, Erminia; Kadobayashi, Rieko; Kaminski, Jaime; Rodriguez-Echavarria, Karina; Arnold, David
ICT in Japanese Museums: a Strategic and Contextual Survey

Niccolucci, Franco; Beacham, David; Hermon, Sorin; Denard, Hugh
Five Years After: The London Charter Revisited

Francesco, Giuliana De
DC-NET: The Establishment of the Digital Cultural Heritage Network

Mudge, Mark; Schroer, Carla; Earl, Graeme; Martinez, Kirk; Pagi, Hembo; Toler-Franklin, Corey; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon; Palma, Gianpaolo; Wachowiak, Melvin; Ashley, Michael; Matthews, Neffra; Noble, Tommy; Dellepiane, Matteo
Principles and Practices of Robust, Photography-based Digital Imaging Techniques for Museums