Computer Graphics Forum 2020 / CGF 39 - 8 

Bender, Jan; Popa, Tiberiu
SCA 2020 CGF 39-8: Frontmatter

Gagniere, Steven; Hyde, David; Marquez-Razon, Alan; Jiang, Chenfanfu; Ge, Ziheng; Han, Xuchen; Guo, Qi; Teran, Joseph
A Hybrid Lagrangian/Eulerian Collocated Velocity Advection and Projection Method for Fluid Simulation

Wiewel, Steffen; Kim, Byungsoo; Azevedo, Vinicius; Solenthaler, Barbara; Thuerey, Nils
Latent Space Subdivision: Stable and Controllable Time Predictions for Fluid Flow

Morgenroth, Dieter; Reinhardt, Stefan; Weiskopf, Daniel; Eberhardt, Bernhard
Efficient 2D Simulation on Moving 3D Surfaces

Rosen, Matthew; Godin, Keith W.; Raghuvanshi, Nikunj
Interactive Sound Propagation For Dynamic Scenes Using 2d Wave Simulation

Jeschke, Stefan; Hafner, Christian; Chentanez, Nuttapong; Macklin, Miles; Müller-Fischer, Matthias; Wojtan, Chris
Making Procedural Water Waves Boundary-aware

Sun, Yunxin; Shinar, Tamar; Schroeder, Craig
Effective Time Step Restrictions for Explicit MPM Simulation

Jiang, Yuntao; Li, Chenfeng; Deng, Shujie; Hu, Shi-Min
A Divergence-free Mixture Model for Multiphase Fluids

Schoentgen, Arnaud; Poulin, Pierre; Darles, Emmanuelle; Meseure, Philippe
Particle-based Liquid Control using Animation Templates

Macklin, Miles; Erleben, Kenny; Müller, Matthias; Chentanez, Nuttapong; Jeschke, Stefan; Kim, Tae-Yong
Primal/Dual Descent Methods for Dynamics

Müller, Matthias; Macklin, Miles; Chentanez, Nuttapong; Jeschke, Stefan; Kim, Tae-Yong
Detailed Rigid Body Simulation with Extended Position Based Dynamics

Coevoet, Eulalie; Andrews, Sheldon; Relles, Denali; Kry, Paul G.
Distant Collision Response in Rigid Body Simulations

Chentanez, Nuttapong; Macklin, Miles; Müller, Matthias; Jeschke, Stefan; Kim, Tae-Yong
Cloth and Skin Deformation with a Triangle Mesh Based Convolutional Neural Network

Jin, Ning; Zhu, Yilin; Geng, Zhenglin; Fedkiw, Ron
A Pixel-Based Framework for Data-Driven Clothing

Vidaurre, Raquel; Santesteban, Igor; Garces, Elena; Casas, Dan
Fully Convolutional Graph Neural Networks for Parametric Virtual Try-On

Löschner, Fabian; Longva, Andreas; Jeske, Stefan; Kugelstadt, Tassilo; Bender, Jan
Higher-Order Time Integration for Deformable Solids

Kim, Theodore
A Finite Element Formulation of Baraff-Witkin Cloth

Pizana, José María; Rodríguez, Alejandro; Cirio, Gabriel; Otaduy, Miguel A.
A Bending Model for Nodal Discretizations of Yarn-Level Cloth

Yin, Zhiqi; Yin, KangKang
Linear Time Stable PD Controllers for Physics-based Character Animation

Yang, Yanzhe; Yang, Jimei; Hodgins, Jessica
Statistics-based Motion Synthesis for Social Conversations

Xie, Zhaoming; Ling, Hung Yu; Kim, Nam Hee; Panne, Michiel van de
ALLSTEPS: Curriculum-driven Learning of Stepping Stone Skills

Ghorbani, Saeed; Wloka, Calden; Etemad, Ali; Brubaker, Marcus A.; Troje, Nikolaus F.
Probabilistic Character Motion Synthesis using a Hierarchical Deep Latent Variable Model

Berson, Eloïse; Soladié, Catherine; Stoiber, Nicolas
Intuitive Facial Animation Editing Based On A Generative RNN Framework