Eurographics/ ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation 2016

Ladislav Kavan; Chris Wojtan
SCA 2016: Frontmatter

Zhao, Danyong; Li, Yijing; Barbic, Jernej
Asynchronous Implicit Backward Euler Integration

Mitchell, Nathan; Doescher, Michael; Sifakis, Eftychios
A Macroblock Optimization for Grid-based Nonlinear Elasticity

Narain, Rahul; Overby, Matthew; Brown, George E.
ADMM ⊇ Projective Dynamics: Fast Simulation of General Constitutive Models

Yang, Sheng; He, Xiaowei; Wang, Huamin; Li, Sheng; Wang, Guoping; Wu, Enhua; Zhou, Kun
Enriching SPH Simulation by Approximate Capillary Waves

Canezin, Florian; Guennebaud, Gaël; Barthe, Loïc
Topology-Aware Neighborhoods for Point-Based Simulation and Reconstruction

Winchenbach, Rene; Hochstetter, Hendrik; Kolb, Andreas
Constrained Neighbor Lists for SPH-based Fluid Simulations

Yang, Tao; Lin, Ming C.; Martin, Ralph R.; Chang, Jian; Hu, Shi-Min
Versatile Interactions at Interfaces for SPH-Based Simulations

Lu, Wenlong; Jin, Ning; Fedkiw, Ronald P.
Two-way Coupling of Fluids to Reduced Deformable Bodies

Jones, Aaron Demby; Sen, Pradeep; Kim, Theodore
Compressing Fluid Subspaces

Segall, Aviv; Vantzos, Orestis; Ben-Chen, Mirela
Hele-Shaw Flow Simulation with Interactive Control using Complex Barycentric Coordinates

Bailey, Stephen W.; Watt, Martin; O'Brien, James F.
Repurposing Hand Animation for Interactive Applications

Ichim, Alexandru-Eugen; Kavan, Ladislav; Nimier-David, Merlin; Pauly, Mark
Building and Animating User-Specific Volumetric Face Rigs

Cong, Matthew; Bhat, Kiran S.; Fedkiw, Ronald P.
Art-Directed Muscle Simulation for High-End Facial Animation

Feess, Stefan; Kurfiss, Kathrin; Fedkiw, Ronald P.; Michels, Dominik L.
Accurate Simulation of Wound Healing and Skin Deformation

He, Liang; Pan, Jia; Narang, Sahil; Manocha, Dinesh
Dynamic Group Behaviors for Interactive Crowd Simulation

Bi, Huikun; Mao, Tianlu; Wang, Zhaoqi; Deng, Zhigang
A Data-driven Model for Lane-changing in Traffic Simulation

Chentanez, Nuttapong; Müller, Matthias; Macklin, Miles
Real-time Simulation of Large Elasto-Plastic Deformation with Shape Matching

Kugelstadt, Tassilo; Schömer, Elmar
Position and Orientation Based Cosserat Rods

Zheng, Changxi; Sun, Timothy; Chen, Xiang
Deployable 3D Linkages with Collision Avoidance

Koschier, Dan; Deul, Crispin; Bender, Jan
Hierarchical hp-Adaptive Signed Distance Fields

Kapadia, Mubbasir; Frey, Seth; Shoulson, Alexander; Sumner, Robert W.; Gross, Markus
CANVAS: Computer-Assisted Narrative Animation Synthesis

Schreck, Camille; Rohmer, Damien; James, Doug L.; Hahmann, Stefanie; Cani, Marie-Paule
Real-Time Sound Synthesis for Paper Material Based on Geometric Analysis

Stanton, Matt; Geddert, Sascha; Blumer, Adrian; Hormis, Paul; Nealen, Andy; Cooper, Seth; Treuille, Adrien
Large-Scale Finite State Game Engines

Yamamoto, Kazuhiko; Igarashi, Takeo
Interactive Physically-Based Sound Design of 3D Model using Material Optimization