Computer Graphics Forum 2022 / CGF 41 - 8 

Dominik L. Michels; Soeren Pirk
SCA 2022 CGF 41-8: Frontmatter

Müller, Matthias; Macklin, Miles; Chentanez, Nuttapong; Jeschke, Stefan
Physically Based Shape Matching

He, Zhongyun; Pérez, Jesús; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Fast Numerical Coarsening with Local Factorizations

Bai, Song; Schroeder, Craig
Stability Analysis of Explicit MPM

Zhang, Paul; Smirnov, Dmitriy; Solomon, Justin
Wassersplines for Neural Vector Field-Controlled Animation

Casafranca, Juan J.; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Voronoi Filters for Simulation Enrichment

Dorda, Daniel; Peter, Daniel; Borer, Dominik; Huber, Niko Benjamin; Sailer, Irena; Gross, Markus; Solenthaler, Barbara; Thomaszewski, Bernhard
Differentiable Simulation for Outcome-Driven Orthognathic Surgery Planning

Chan-Lock, Antoine; Pérez, Jesús; Otaduy, Miguel A.
High-Order Elasticity Interpolants for Microstructure Simulation

Sugimoto, Ryusuke; Batty, Christopher; Hachisuka, Toshiya
Surface-Only Dynamic Deformables using a Boundary Element Method

Tang, Pengbin; Coros, Stelian; Thomaszewski, Bernhard
A Second Order Cone Programming Approach for Simulating Biphasic Materials

Jiang, Junwei; Shen, Xiangda; Gong, Yuning; Fan, Zeng; Liu, Yanli; Xing, Guanyu; Ren, Xiaohua; Zhang, Yanci
A Second-Order Explicit Pressure Projection Method for Eulerian Fluid Simulation

Ponton, Jose Luis; Yun, Haoran; Andujar, Carlos; Pelechano, Nuria
Combining Motion Matching and Orientation Prediction to Animate Avatars for Consumer-Grade VR Devices

Mathew, C. D. Tharindu; Benes, Bedrich; Aliaga, Daniel
Sketching Vocabulary for Crowd Motion

Mao, Tianlu; Wang, Ji; Meng, Ruoyu; Yan, Qinyuan; Liu, Shaohua; Wang, Zhaoqi
A Fusion Crowd Simulation Method: Integrating Data with Dynamics, Personality with Common

Johnson, Colin; Haworth, Brandon
Cognitive Model of Agent Exploration with Vision and Signage Understanding

Andreou, Nefeli; Aristidou, Andreas; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos
Pose Representations for Deep Skeletal Animation

Alvarado, Eduardo; Rohmer, Damien; Cani, Marie-Paule
Generating Upper-Body Motion for Real-Time Characters Making their Way through Dynamic Environments

Ye, Yongjing; Liu, Libin; Hu, Lei; Xia, Shihong
Neural3Points: Learning to Generate Physically Realistic Full-body Motion for Virtual Reality Users

Mourot, Lucas; Hoyet, Ludovic; Clerc, François Le; Hellier, Pierre
UnderPressure: Deep Learning for Foot Contact Detection, Ground Reaction Force Estimation and Footskate Cleanup

Frezzato, Anthony; Tangri, Arsh; Andrews, Sheldon
Synthesizing Get-Up Motions for Physics-based Characters

Kalshetti, Pratik; Chaudhuri, Parag
Local Scale Adaptation to Hand Shape Model for Accurate and Robust Hand Tracking

Narita, Fumiya; Ando, Ryoichi
Tiled Characteristic Maps for Tracking Detailed Liquid Surfaces

Bailey, Stephen W.; Riviere, Jérémy; Mikkelsen, Morten; O'Brien, James F.
Monocular Facial Performance Capture Via Deep Expression Matching

Villanueva Aylagas, Monica; Anadon Leon, Hector; Teye, Mattias; Tollmar, Konrad
Voice2Face: Audio-driven Facial and Tongue Rig Animations with cVAEs

Chandran, Prashanth; Zoss, Gaspard; Gross, Markus; Gotardo, Paulo; Bradley, Derek
Facial Animation with Disentangled Identity and Motion using Transformers

Kerbiriou, Glenn; Marchal, Maud; Avril, Quentin
Detailed Eye Region Capture and Animation

Chentanez, Nuttapong; Jeschke, Stefan; Müller, Matthias; Macklin, Miles
Learning Physics with a Hierarchical Graph Network

Casado-Elvira, Andrés; Comino Trinidad, Marc; Casas, Dan
PERGAMO: Personalized 3D Garments from Monocular Video

Kuriyama, Shigeru; Mukai, Tomohiko; Taketomi, Takafumi; Mukasa, Tomoyuki
Context-based Style Transfer of Tokenized Gestures

Chao, Xian Jin; Leung, Howard
MP-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for Dynamic Multi-person synthesis from Sparse Views

Goel, Aman; Men, Qianhui; Ho, Edmond S. L.
Interaction Mix and Match: Synthesizing Close Interaction using Conditional Hierarchical GAN with Multi-Hot Class Embedding