Digital Heritage International Congress 2013

Birsak, Michael; Musialski, Przemyslaw; Arikan, Murat; Wimmer, Michael
Seamless Texturing of Archaeological Data

Kahn, Svenja; Keil, Jens; Müller, Benedikt; Ulrich, Bockholt
Capturing of Contemporary Dance for preservation and presentation of choreographies in Online Scores

Leoni, Chiara; Callieri, Marco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Turco, Roberto Rosselli Del; O'Donnel, Daniel; Scopigno, Roberto
The Dream and the Cross: a 3D-referenced, web-based digital edition

Manuel, Adeline; Gattet, Eloi; Luca, Livio De; Veron, Philippe
An approach for precise 2D/3D semantic annotation of spatially-oriented images for in situ visualization applications

Srieedar, J.; Khoo, Christopher S.G.
A User Study of the Singapore Memory Portal to Derive a Taxonomy for Content Organization

Madsen, Jacob B.; Madsen, Claus B.
An Interactive Visualization of the Past using a Situated Simulation Approach

Kenderdine, Sarah; Mckenzie, Heidi
A War Torn Memory Palace: Animating narratives of remembrance

Ma, Nan; Laroche, Florent; Hervy, Benjamin; Kerouanton, Jean-Louis
Virtual Conservation and Interaction with our Cultural Heritage: Framework for multi-dimension model based interface

Miller, Alan; Davies, Christopher
Mobile Cross Reality for On-Site Exploration of Cultural Heritage Reconstructions

Frischer, Bernard; Fillwalk, John
A Computer Simulation to Test the Buchner Thesis. The Relationship of the Ara Pacis and Meridian in the Campus Martius, Rome

Flynn, Bernadette
V-embodiment for Cultural Heritage

Pescarin, Sofia; Pietroni, Eva; Wallergård, Mattias; Omar, Karim; Rescic, Leonardo; Rufa, Claudio
NICH Natural Interaction in the Cultural Heritage domain: a preparatory study on cross-cultural natural gestures

Smith, Neil; Knabb, Kyle; Defanti, Connor; Weber, Philip; Schulze, Jurgen; Prudhomme, Andrew; Kuester, Falko; Levy, Thomas; Defanti, Thomas
ArtifactVis2: Managing real-time archaeological data in immersive 3D environments

McCaffery, John; Miller, Alan; Vermehren, Anna; Strickland, Keir; Lefley, Carolyn
Exploring Heritage through Time and Space: supporting community reflection on the highland clearances

Frischer, Bernard; Brennan, Matthew
The Niobid Project: Digital Modeling and Restoration of a Complex Sculptural Group at Hadrian's Villa

Ahn, Jaehong; Kong, Dal-Yong; Wohn, Kwang-Yun
Visualizing a scanned model for effective heritage interpretation

Felice, Giuliano De
Living Heritage A living lab for digital content production focused on cultural heritage.

Webel, Sabine; Franke, Tobias; Keil, Jens; Olbrich, Manuel
Immersive experience of current and ancient reconstructed cultural attractions

Miyamae, Chisako
Digital exhibition as a bridge to the real collection

Shortt, Marie Therese
Patterning Culture: Developing a system for the visual notation of greetings

Groux-Leclet, Dominique; Caron, Guillaume; Anghour, Azziz; Mouaddib, El Mustapha
A serious game for 3D cultural heritage digital world

Schenkel, Arnaud; Warzée, Nadine; Debeir, Olivier
Fast Color Correction for Rapid Scanning in Uncontrolled Environment

Lorenzini, Cristian; Carrozzino, Marcello; Tecchia, Franco; Bergamasco, Massimo
Automatic creation of bas-relieves from single images

Ioannidis, Yannis; Raheb, Katerina El; Toli, Eleni; Boile, Maria; Katifori, Akrivi; Mazura, Margaretha
One object many stories: Introducing ICT in museums and collections through digital storytelling

Goins, Elizabeth; Branham, Erin; Egert, Christopher
Moving Beyond Mobile Tours: Creating Hybrid Spaces through Narrative and Gameplay in the Museum Collection

Liestøl, Gunnar; Friedlander, Larry
Jerusalem's Holy Mount. On Palimpsestic Places in Situated and Sensory Media

Inman, Laurence; Morris, Phil
Tutbury Castle : Recovering a period site