Eurographics/ ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation - Posters 2017

Seki, Shogo; Igarashi, Takeo
Sketch-Based 3D Hair Posing by Contour Drawings

Ibrahim, Zaid H.
The Stretch-Engine: A Method for Adjusting the Exaggeration of Bipedal Characters Through Squash and Stretch

Ahlström, Eric; Holmqvist, Lucas; Goswami, Prashant
Comparing Traditional Key Frame and Hybrid Animation

Mohr-Daurat, Hubert
Automated Regression Tests for Character Animation Systems

Juarez-Perez, Alain; Kallmann, Marcelo
Coordinating Full-Body Interactions with the Environment

Jeruzalski, Timothy; Fiume, Eugene; Jacobson, Alec; Levin, David I.W.
Online Compression of Rigid Body Simulations using Physics-Inspired Interpolation

Kim, Yongsung; Choi, Myung Geol; Lee, Jehee
Marionette Show Using Quadrotors

Jang, Deok-Kyeong; Lee, Sung-Hee
Regression-Based Locating Landmark on Dynamic Humans

Lee, Seunghwan; Mitchell, Nathan; Aanjaneya, Mridul; Sifakis, Eftychios; Lee, Jehee
Volumetric Muscle Controller

Jin, Taeil; Kim, Meekyung; Lee, Sung-Hee
Motion Retargeting to Preserve Spatial Relationship between Skinned Characters

Weiss, Tomer; Litteneker, Alan; Jiang, Chenfanfu; Terzopoulos, Demetri
Position-Based Multi-Agent Dynamics for Real-Time Crowd Simulation

Toothman, Nick; Neff, Michael
Attachment-Based Character Deformation

Corker-Marin, Quentin; Adzhiev, Valery; Pasko, Alexander
Cubification and Animation of Artistic Shapes

Verider, Benjamin; Andrews, Sheldon; Kry, Paul G.
Human Grasping Interaction Capture and Analysis

Usman, Muhammad; Haworth, Brandon; Berseth, Glen; Kapadia, Mubbasir; Faloutsos, Petros
Understanding Spatial Perception and Visual Modes in the Review of Architectural Designs