Computer Graphics Forum 1992 / CGF 11 - 3 

Hall, W.; Simmons, D.
An Open Model for Hypermedia and Its Application to Geographical Information Systems

de Mey, Vicki; Breiteneder, Christian; Dami, Laurent; Gibbs, Simon and Tsichritzis, Dennis
Visual Composition and Multimedia

King, Tony
Pandora: An Experiment in Distributed Multimedia

Willis, Philip; Oddy, Robert
Rendering NURB Regions For 2D Animation

Kalra, Devendra; Barr, Alan H.
Modeling with Time and Events in Computer Animation

Kalra, Prem; Mangili, Angelo; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat; Thalmann, Daniel
Simulation of Facial Muscle Actions Based on Rational Free Form Deformations

Hsu, Y. H.; Kuo, Y. S.
HAGI, a High-level Application/Graphics Interface

Zhou, Tom Z.-Y.; Kubitz, William J.
An Object-Oriented View of the User Interface

Kuhme, Thomas; Schneider-Hufschmidt, Matthias
SX/Tools - An Open Design Environment for Adaptable Multimedia User Interfaces

Sakas, Georgios; Westermann, Rudiger
A Functional Approach to the Visual Simulation of Gaseous Turbulence

Shinya, Mikio; Fournier, Alain
Stochastic Motion-Motion Under the Influence of Wind

Essa, Irfan A.; Sclaroff, Stan; Pentland, Alex
A Unified Approach for Physical and Geometric Modeling for Graphics and Animation

Felger, W.; Schroder, F.
The Visualization Input Pipeline - Enabling Semantic Interaction in Scientific Visualization

Yagel, Roni; Kaufman, Arie
Template-Based Volume Viewing

Koh, Eng-Kiat; Hearn, D. D.
Fast Generation and Surface Structuring Methods for Terrain and Other Natural Phenomena

Heckhert, Paul S.
Radiosity in Flatland

Baranoski, Gladimir V. Guimaraes
The Parametric Differential Method: An Alternative to the Calculation of Form Factors

Languenou, Eric; Bouatouch, Kadi; Tellier, Pierre
An adaptive Discretization Method For Radiosity

Cockshott, Tunde; Patterson, John; England, David
Modelling the Texture of Paint

Nehlig, P.; Ghazanfarpour, D.
Affine Texture Mapping and Antialiasing Using Integer Arithmetic

Faconti, Giorgio P.; Zani, Nicola; Paterno , Fabio
The Input Model of Standard Graphics Systems Revisited by Formal Specification

Krammer, Gergely
A line clipping algorithm and its analysis

Fung, Khun Yee; Nicholl, Tina M.; Dewdney, A. K.
A Run-Length Slice Line Drawing Algorithm without Division Operations

Lau, Wing Hung; Wiseman, Neil
Accurate Image Generation and Interactive Image Editing with the A-buffer

Kok, Arjan J. F.; Jansen, Frederik W.
Adaptive Sampling of Area Light Sources in Ray Tracing Including Diffuse Interreflection

Sung, Kelvin
Area Sampling Buffer: Tracing Rays with Z-Buffer Hardware

Patterson, John W.; Cockton, Gilbert
Composing Hierarchically Structured Images

Chrysanthou, Y.; Slater, M.
Computing Dynamic Changes to BSP Trees

Pineda, Luis A.
Reference, Synthesis and Constraint Satisfaction*

Chen, M.; Townsend, P.; Wang, C.Y.
A Development Environment for Constructing Graph-Based Editing Tools

Holden, E.J.; Roy, G.G.
The Graphical Translation of English Text into Signed English in the Hand Sign Translator System

Haritsis, Angelo; Gillies, Duncan; Williams, Christopher
Realistic Generation and Real Time Animation of Images of the Human Colon

Oshima, Tetsuya; Yuasa, Shinji; Sakanoshita, Ken-ichi; Ogata, Yoshinori
A CAD System for Color Design of a Car

Falcidieno, Bianca; Ratto, Ornella
Two-manifold cell-decomposition of r-sets.

Ma, Lizhuang; Liang, Youdong; Peng, Qunsheng
Equidistant Smoothing of Polyhedra with Arbitrary Topologies

Groller, Eduard
Fractals and Solid Modeling

Bouras, A.; Shariat, B.; Vandorpe, D.
A Simple Description of Complex Curves

Krokos, M. A.; Slater, M.
Interactive Shape Control of Interpolating B-splines

Siltanen, Pekka; Woodward, Charles
Normal orientation methods for 3D offset curves, sweep surfaces and skinning