EuroVis 2019 - Posters 2019

Madeiras Pereira, João; Raidou, Renata Georgia
EuroVis 2019 Posters: Frontmatter

Blasilli, Graziano; Lenti, Simone; Palleschi, Alessia
CrossWidget: a D3.js Plugin to Support Multiple Scented Cross Filtering Activities

Allain, Kevin; Turkay, Cagatay; dykes, jason
Towards a WHAT-WHY-HOW Taxonomy of Trajectories in Visualization Research

von Landesberger, Tatiana; Wunderlich, Marcel; Baumgartl, Tom; Höhn, Markus; Marschollek, Michael; Scheithauer, Simone
Visual-Interactive Exploration of Pathogen Outbreaks in Hospitals

Knittel, Johannes; Koch, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas
Interactive Hierarchical Quote Extraction for Content Insights

Kraus, Matthias; Kilian, Timon Urs; Fuchs, Johannes
Real-Time Gaze Mapping in Virtual Environments

Sereno, Mickael; Besançon, Lonni; Isenberg, Tobias
Supporting Volumetric Data Visualization and Analysis by Combining Augmented Reality Visuals with Multi-Touch Input

Garrison, Laura; Vasicek, Jakub; Grüner, Renate; Smit, Noeska Natasja; Bruckner, Stefan
A Visual Encoding System for Comparative Exploration of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data

Kucher, Kostiantyn; Kerren, Andreas
Text Visualization Revisited: The State of the Field in 2019

Simões Lopes, Daniel; Faria, Afonso; Barriga, Ana; Caneira, Sérgio; Baptista, Filomena; Matos, Catarina; Neves, Ana F.; Prates, Leonor; Pereira, Ângela Maria; Nicolau, Hugo
Visual Biofeedback for Upper Limb Compensatory Movements: A Preliminary Study Next to Rehabilitation Professionals

Sawada, Shoko; Toyoda, Masashi
Model-Agnostic Visual Explanation of Machine Learning Models Based on Heat Map

Liem, Johannes; Henkin, Rafael; Wood, Jo; Turkay, Cagatay
A Descriptive Framework for Stories of Algorithms

Salisu, Saminu; Mayr, Eva; Filipov, Velitchko Andreev; Leite, Roger A.; Miksch, Silvia; Windhager, Florian
Shapes of Time: Visualizing Set Changes Over Time in Cultural Heritage Collections

Jekic, Nikolina; Mutlu, Belgin; Faschang, Mario; Neubert, Steffen; Thalmann, Stefan; Schreck, Tobias
Visual Analysis of Aluminum Production Data with Tightly Linked Views

McNutt, Andrew M.; Kindlmann, Gordon L
Improving the Scalability of Interactive Visualization Systems for Exploring Threaded Conversations

Danielová, Mariana; Janečka, Pavel; Grosz, Jakub; Holý, Aleš
Interactive 3D Visualizations of Laser Plasma Experiments on the Web and in VR

Lee, Junghyun; Seo, Sanghyun; Yoon, Kyunghyun
A Study on Reflecting User's Emotions Using a Painterly Rendering System

Mörth, Eric; Raidou, Renata Georgia; Smit, Noeska; Viola, Ivan
The Vitruvian Baby: Interactive Reformation of Fetal Ultrasound Data to a T-Position

Tovanich, Natkamon; HEULOT, Nicolas; Fekete, Jean-Daniel; Isenberg, Petra
A Systematic Review of Online Bitcoin Visualizations

Klein, Tobias; Viola, Ivan; Mindek, Peter
A Multi-Scale Animation Framework for Biological Fibrous Structures

Gu, Gibeom; Kim, Duksu
Accurate and Memory-Efficient GPU Ray-Casting Algorithm for Volume Rendering Unstructured Grid Data

Aparicio, Sofia; Lousada, Rodrigo; Pires, Pedro; Gonçalves, Daniel; Ferreira, Alfredo
Visual Mapping of Nobel Prizes

Aravind, Ranjini; Blascheck, Tanja; Isenberg, Petra
A Survey on Sleep Visualizations for Fitness Trackers

Slingsby, Aidan; Hyde, Jonathan; Turkay, Cagatay
Visual Analysis of Reactionary Train Delay from an Agent Based Model

Ulbrich, Pavol; Horňák, Michal; Kozlíková, Barbora
LOOPS: Visual Analysis Tool for Non-Periodic Protein Structures

Kraus, Matthias; Buchmüller, Juri; Schweitzer, Daniel; Keim, Daniel A.; Fuchs, Johannes
Comparative Analysis with Heightmaps in Virtual Reality Environments

Wootton, Dylan R.; Goffin, Pascal; Meyer, Miriah
Visualization of Spatial and Temporal Pollution Exposure through a Temporal Ordered Spacial Matrix