Computational Aesthetics 2017

Kurzhals, Kuno; Stoll, Michael; Bruhn, Andrés; Weiskopf, Daniel
FlowBrush: Optical Flow Art

Dev, Kapil; Villar, Nicolas; Lau, Manfred
Polygons, Points, or Voxels? Stimuli Selection for Crowdsourcing Aesthetics Preferences of 3D Shape Pairs

Min, Sehee; Lee, Jaedong; Won, Jungdam; Lee, Jehee
Soft Shadow Art

Gieseke, Lena; Asente, Paul; Lu, Jingwan; Fuchs, Martin
Organized Order in Ornamentation

Azami, Rosa; Mould, David
Detail and Color Enhancement in Photo Stylization

Kuzovkin, Dmitry; Pouli, Tania; Cozot, Rémi; Meur, Olivier Le; Kervec, Jonathan; Bouatouch, Kadi
Context-aware Clustering and Assessment of Photo Collections

Torre-Arenas, Irene de la; Cruz, Pedro
A taxonomy of motion applications in data visualization

Castaneda, Saif; Akleman, Ergun
Shading with Painterly Filtered Layers: A Technique to Obtain Painterly Portrait Animations

Lai, Chun-An; Chiang, Pei-Ying
Modeling Go: A mobile sketch-based modeling system for extracting objects

Altıok, Ozan Can; Sezgin, Tev k Metin
Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces

Parakkat, Amal Dev; Joshi, Sarang Anil; Pundarikaksha, Uday Bondi; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan
Sketch and Shade: An interactive assistant for sketching and shading

Holger Winnemoeller; Lyn Bartram
Front- and Backmatter: Computational Aesthetics 2017