EG 2018 - Short Papers 2018

Diamanti, Olga; Vaxman, Amir
EUROGRAPHICS 2018: Short Papers Frontmatter

Oborn, Jeremy; Flynn, Sean; Egbert, Parris; Holladay, Seth
Time-Reversed Art Directable Smoke Simulation

Lovrovic, Bojan; Mihajlovic, Zeljka
Rigid Body Joints in Real-Time Unified Particle Physics

Lee, Sangbin; Ryu, Donghan; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Reduction of CPU-GPU Synchronization Overhead for Accelerating Implicit Clothing Simulator

Aloba, Aishat; Flores, Gianne; Woodward, Julia; Shaw, Alex; Castonguay, Amanda; Cuba, Isabella; Dong, Yuzhu; Jain, Eakta; Anthony, Lisa
Kinder-Gator: The UF Kinect Database of Child and Adult Motion

Schedl, David C.; Bimber, Oliver
Optimized Sampling for View Interpolation in Light Fields with Overlapping Patches

Cruz, Leandro; Patrão, Bruno; Gonçalves, Nuno
Halftone Pattern: A New Steganographic Approach

Bouchiba, Hassan; Deschaud, Jean-Emmanuel; Goulette, François
Raw Point Cloud Deferred Shading Through Screen Space Pyramidal Operators

Bálint, Csaba; Valasek, Gábor
Accelerating Sphere Tracing

Berio, Daniel; Leymarie, Frederic Fol; Plamondon, Réjean
Expressive Curve Editing with the Sigma Lognormal Model

Bakker, Jelle; Barendrecht, Pieter J.; Kosinka, Jiri
Smooth Blended Subdivision Shading

Hornus, Samuel; Lefebvre, Sylvain
Iterative Carving for Self-supporting 3D Printed Cavities

Hettinga, Gerben Jan; Barendrecht, Pieter J.; Kosinka, Jiri
A Comparison of GPU Tessellation Strategies for Multisided Patches

Carrigan, Emma; Hoyet, Ludovic; McDonnell, Rachel; Avril, Quentin
A Preliminary Investigation into the Impact of Training for Example-Based Facial Blendshape Creation

Calandra, Davide; Billi, Michele; Lamberti, Fabrizio; Sanna, Andrea; Borchiellini, Romano
Arm Swinging vs Treadmill: A Comparison Between Two Techniques for Locomotion in Virtual Reality

Byun, JungHyun; Chae, SeungHo; Han, TackDon
Accurate Control of a Pan-tilt System Based on Parameterization of Rotational Motion

Guo, Yuan; Lian, Zhouhui; Tang, Yingmin; Xiao, Jianguo
Creating New Chinese Fonts based on Manifold Learning and Adversarial Networks