Computer Graphics Forum 1993 / CGF 12 - 3 

Bordegoni, Monica; Hemmje, Matthias
A Dynamic Gesture Language and Graphical Feedback for Interaction in a 3D User Interface

de Bruin, Hans; Bouwman, Peter; van den Bos, Jan
DIGIS A Graphical User Interface Design Environment for Non-Programmers

Duke, D.J.; Harrison, M.D.
Abstract Interaction Objects

Knittel, Gunter

Busch, C.; Gro?, M.H.
Interactive Neural Network Texture Analysis and Visualization for Surface Reconstruction in Medical Imaging

Patterson, John W.
Fast Spheres

Santos, A.; Tritsch, B.
Using Multimedia to Support Cooperative Editing

Furtado, Paula; Teixeira, Jose Carlos
Storage Support for Multidimensional Discrete Data in Multimedia Databases

Arbab, F.; Herman, I.; Reynolds, G.J.
An Object Model for Multimedia Programming

Veltkamp, Remco C.
3D Computational Morphology

Cignoni, P.; Montani, C.; Perego, R.; Scopigno, R.
Parallel 3D Delaunay Triangulation

Abellanas, M.; Garcia, J.; Hernbandez, G.; Hurtado, F.; Serra, O.; Urrutia, J.
Updating Polygonizations*

Pla-Garcia, Nuria
Boolean Operations and Spatial Complexity of Face Octrees.

Laakko, Timo; Mantyla, Martti
Introducing blending operations in feature models

Yamaguchi, Fujio; Niizeki, Masatoshi
A New Paradigm for Geometric Processing

Tadamura, Katsumi; Nakamae, Eihachiro; Kaneda, Kazufumi; Baba, Masashi; Yamashita, Hideo and Nishita, Tomoyuki
Modeling of Skylight and Rendering of Outdoor Scenes

Blasi, Philippe; Le Saec, Bertrand; Schlick, Christophe
A Rendering Algorithm for Discrete Volume Density Objects

Daldegan, Agnes; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat; Kurihara, Tsuneya; Thalmann, Daniel
An Integrated System for Modeling, Animating and Rendering Hair

Donikian, Stephane; Hegron, Gerard
A Declarative Design Method for 3D Scene Sketch Modeling

Fa, Mingxian; Fernando, Terrence; Dew, Peter M.
Direct 3D Manipulation Techniques for Interactive Constraint-based Solid Modelling

De Floriani, Leila; Mirra, Daniela; Puppo, Enrico
Extracting contour lines from a hierarchical surface model

Shirmun, Leon A.; Abi-Ezzi, Salim S.
The Cone of Normals Technique for Fast Processing of Curved Patches

Drettakis, George; Fiume, Eugene
Accurate and Consistent Reconstruction of Illumination Functions Using Structured Sampling

Maurel, Herve; Duthen, Yves; Caubet, Rene
A 4D Ray Tracing

Damnjanovic, L.B.; Duce, D.A.; Robinson, S.K.
GKS-9x: Some Implementation Considerations

Samara, Veronika
DaScript3D Integrating 3D Graphics in a Page Description Language

Sakas, Georgios; Schroder, Florian; Koppert, Hans-Joachim
Pseudo-Satellitefilm Using Fractal Clouds to Enhance Animated Weather Forecasting

Koch, Reinhard
Automatic Reconstruction of Buildings from Stereoscopic Image Sequences

Coltelli, P.; Faconti, G.; Marfori, F.
On the Application of Quantization and Dithering Techniques to History of Arts

Cohen, Daniel; Shaked, Amit
Photo-Realistic Imaging of Digital Terrains

Roudier, P.; Peroche, B.; Perrin, M.
Landscapes Synthesis Achieved through Erosion and Deposition Process Simulation

Nishita, Tomoyuki; Nakamae, Eihachiro
A New Radiosity Approach Using Area Sampling for Parametric Patches

Bao, Hujun; Peng, Qunsheng
A Progressive Radiosity Algorithm for Scenes Containing Curved Surfaces

Sbert, Mateu
An Integral Geometry Based Method for Fast Form-Factor Computation

Michelin, Sylvain; Maffeis, Gualtiero; Arques, Didier; Grossetie, Jean Claude
Form Factor Calculation: a New Expression with Implementations on a Parallel T.Node Computer

Guo, B.
Nonsplitting Macro Patches for Implicit Cubic Spline Surfaces

Hagen, H.; Hahmann, St.; Bonneau, G.-P.
Variational Surface Design and Surface Interrogation

Seron, F.J.; Torrens, J.J; Magallon, J.A.
Quality Control of an Interpolation Method for Discontinuous Parametric Surfaces

Moreton, Henry P.; Sequin, Carlo H.
Scale-Invariant Minimum-Cost Curves: Fair and Robust Design Implements

Pagendarm, H.-G.; Walter, B.
A Prototype of a Cooperative Visualization Workplace for the Aerodynamicist

Gerald-Yamasaki, Michael J.
Cooperative Visualization of Computational Fluid Dynamics