Shift-Based Parallel Image Compositing on InfiniBand TM Fat-Trees

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The Eurographics Association
Parallel image compositing has been widely studied over the past 20 years, as this is one, if not the most, crucial element in the implementation of a scalable parallel rendering system. Many algorithms have been proposed and implemented on a large variety of supercomputers. Among the existing supercomputers, InfiniBandTM (IB) PC clusters, and their associated fat-tree topology, are clearly becoming the dominant architecture, as they provide the scalability, high bandwidth and low latency required by the most demanding parallel applications. Surprisingly, very few efforts have been devoted to the implementation and performance evaluation of parallel image compositing algorithms on this kind of architecture. We propose in this paper a new parallel image compositing algorithm, called Shift-Based, relying on a well-known communication pattern called shift permutation. Indeed, shift permutation is one of the possible ways to get the maximum cross bisectional bandwidth provided by an IB fat-tree cluster. We show that our Shift-Based algorithm scales on any number of processing nodes (with peak performance on specific counts), allows overlapping communications with computations and exhibits contentionfree network communications. This is demonstrated with the image compositing of very high resolution images at interactive frame rates.

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