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    • A Low-Cost Portable 3D Laser Scanning System with Aptness from Acquisition to Visualization 

      Banerjee, Sumandeep; Biswas, Prabir Kumar; Bhowmick, Partha; Dutta, Somnath (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      This paper presents the design perspectives of a low-cost portable 3D laser scanning mechanism. The hardware is simple in design, easy to fabricate, and costs much less compared to the cheapest ones available in the market. ...
    • Low-Cost Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Large-Scale Excavation Sites using an RGB-D Camera 

      Zollhöfer, Michael; Siegl, Christian; Riffelmacher, Bert; Vetter, Mark; Dreyer, Boris; Stamminger, Marc; Bauer, Frank (The Eurographics Association, 2014)
      In this paper, we present an end-to-end pipeline for the online reconstruction of large-scale outdoor environments and tightly confined indoor spaces using a low-cost consumer-level hand-held RGB-D sensor. While scanning, ...
    • Managing Digital Heritage - an Analysis of the Education and Training Curriculum for Africa's Archives and Records Professionals 

      Katuu, Shadrack; Ngoepe, Mpho (IEEE, 2015)
      The education and training of archives and records professionals in Africa can be traced back several decades. Archives and records practitioners in Africa's different countries have, over the years, taken varying paths ...
    • Managing Full-text Excavation Data with Semantic Tools 

      Niccolucci, Franco; Felicetti, Achille; Hermon, Sorin; Nys, Karin (The Eurographics Association, 2009)
      The paper deals with the management of archaeological data from excavations that cannot be easily processed using traditional forms and relational databases. It proposes a way of preserving the integrity of original ...
    • Managing the real with the virtual: A role for digital media recording in archaeological fieldwork 

      LÓPEZ, Michael ASHLEY (The Eurographics Association, 2003)
      Recent innovations in digital media have allowed for a surge of new techniques to be applied to an old problem - how to record and archive the archaeological record and the process of archaeological fieldwork. Like many ...
    • Mapping Identity with Geo-technology: Montelupo/Italy Versus Santa Leopoldina/Brazil 

      Andrade, Bruno Amaral de; Almeida, Renata Hermanny de (IEEE, 2015)
      This article is inserted in the hybrid-theme ''Heritage and Representation'', in the field of new methods of iconographic representation of the territorial-landscape heritage, through digital models of cartographic ...
    • Marco Cappellini Uffizi 

      Rocco, Paolo de; Cappellini, Marco; Romoli, Paolo (IEEE, 2015)
      Uffizi Touch Cloud is a cloud service that can be accessed through an interactive whiteboard at schools or at other educational institutions.
    • Mass Customization for Cultural Heritage 3D Models 

      Quantin, Matthieu; Hervy, Benjamin; Laroche, Florent; Kerouanton, Jean-Louis (IEEE, 2015)
      Digital technologies in the last twenty years have offered cultural heritage (CH) new possibilities in conservation and promotion. 3D digitization has especially become more and more affordable and efficient. This leads ...
    • The Mayan city of Calakmul - Interactive Showcases 

      Ruiz-Rodarte, Rocio (IEEE, 2015)
      The Interactive Kiosk is part of a large project of virtual recreation made from the findings of the archaeological site of Calakmul, a Mayan city which existed between 800 BC to 900 AD, in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.
    • Measurement of Immersive Technology for Historic Scenes 

      McCaffery, John; Miller, Alan; Oliver, Iaina (The Eurographics Association, 2014)
      This paper investigates the creation of historic scenes through engagement with community archaeology and historical investigation. The approach presented here enables both tangible and intangible culture to be explored ...
    • Measuring Changes in Cultural Heritage Objects with Reflectance Transform Imaging 

      Manfredi, Marcello; Williamson, Greg; Kronkright, Dale; Doehne, Eric; Bearman, Gregory; Jacobs, Megan; Marengo, Emilio (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Sites and objects of cultural heritage from art to ancient inscriptions to ruins are under constant attack by time and the environment. While much is known about how material components change from laboratory-based ...
    • meSch: Implementing the Internet of Things for Cultural Heritage 

      Petrelli, Daniela; Marshall, Mark T.; Not, Elena; Zancanaro, Massimo; Cavada, Dario; Venturini, Adriano; Kubitza, Thomas; Risseeuw, Martin (IEEE, 2015)
      MeSch bridges the gap between visitors' cultural heritage experience onsite and online by providing a platform for the creation of tangible smart exhibits, that enables heritage professionals to compose and realise physical ...
    • A MetaViewer for Sharing Multiple Media by WebGL-based Interfaces 

      Bergerot, Laurent (IEEE, 2015)
      In recent years, sharing images and videos on the Web has become common. Recently, the use of 3D models is also growing day by day, and the evolution of programming languages and libraries allow visualizing detailed 3D ...
    • A Methodology for the Physically Accurate Visualisation of Roman Polychrome Statuary 

      Beale, Gareth; Earl, Graeme (The Eurographics Association, 2011)
      This paper describes the design and implementation of a methodology for the visualisation and hypothetical virtual reconstruction of Roman polychrome statuary for research purposes. The methodology is intended as an attempt ...
    • A Methodology for Updating 3D Solid Models of Complex Monumental Structures Based on Local Point-based Meshes 

      Zvietcovich, Fernando; Castaneda, Benjamin; Perucchio, Renato; Morales, Ricardo; Uceda, Santiago (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Structural changes introduced during the life of monuments contribute to produce complex geometrical configurations that cannot be properly represented in standard solid modeling systems designed for current engineering ...
    • Minor Harbours of the East Coast of Ireland 

      Shotton, Elizabeth (IEEE, 2015)
      Considerable progress in the engineering of maritime structures occurred between the 18th and 20th centuries in Ireland. While major harbours have been well documented, there remain considerable structures that due to their ...
    • The Missing Scholarship Behind Virtual Heritage Infrastructures 

      Champion, Erik Malcolm (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      This theoretical position paper outlines four key issues blocking the development of effective 3D models that would be suitable for the aims and objectives of virtual heritage infrastructures. It suggests that a real-time ...
    • Mobile Cross Reality for On-Site Exploration of Cultural Heritage Reconstructions 

      Miller, Alan; Davies, Christopher (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets has enabled people to multiplex their physical reality, where they engage in face-to-face social interaction, with Web-based social networks and apps, whilst emerging 3D Web ...
    • Mobile Onsite Exploration of Parallel Realities with Oculus Rift 

      Davies, Chris; Miller, Alan; Fawcett, Richard (IEEE, 2015)
      This paper reports experience in developing a parallel reality system which allows its user to observe and move around their real environment whilst wearing a stereoscopic 3D head mounted display imbued with video-see ...
    • A Model to anticipate and analyse Requirements of Heritage Organisations wishing to actively participate in Europeana 

      Muhammad, Naeem; Koutalieris, George; Streefkerk, Marco; Poot, Nathalie; Alloing, Sam; Wyns, Roxanne (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Heritage organisations wishing to participate in open and public aggregators such as Europeana, need to review and revise their own digital curation workflow processes in order to tackle both the technical integration as ...