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    • Analysis of Cache Behavior and Performance of Different BVH Memory Layouts for Tracing Incoherent Rays 

      Wodniok, Dominik; Schulz, Andre; Widmer, Sven; Goesele, Michael (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      With CPUs moving towards many-core architectures and GPUs becoming more general purpose architectures, path tracing can now be well parallelized on commodity hardware. While parallelization is trivial in theory, properties ...
    • Scalable Seams for Gigapixel Panoramas 

      Philip, Sujin; Summa, Brian; Tierny, Julien; Bremer, Peer-Timo; Pascucci, Valerio (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Gigapixel panoramas are an increasingly popular digital image application. They are often created as a mosaic of smaller images composited into a larger single image. The mosaic acquisition can occur over many hours causing ...