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    • Compression and Rendering of Textured Point Clouds via Sparse Coding 

      Schuster, Kersten; Trettner, Philip; Schmitz, Patric; Schakib, Julian; Kobbelt, Leif (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Splat-based rendering techniques produce highly realistic renderings from 3D scan data without prior mesh generation. Mapping high-resolution photographs to the splat primitives enables detailed reproduction of surface ...
    • Directed Acyclic Graph Encoding for Compressed Shadow Maps 

      Scandolo, Leonardo; Eisemann, Elmar (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Detailed shadows in large-scale environments are challenging. Our approach enables efficient detailed shadow computations for static environments at a low memory cost. It builds upon compressed precomputed multiresolution ...
    • High-Performance Graphics 2021 – Symposium Papers: Frontmatter 

      Binder, Nikolaus; Ritschel, Tobias (Eurographics Association, 2021)
    • Multi-Resolution Shared Representative Filtering for Real-Time Depth Completion 

      Wu, Yu-Ting; Li, Tzu-Mao; Shen, I-Chao; Lin, Hong-Shiang; Chuang, Yung-Yu (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      We present shared representative filtering for real-time high-resolution depth completion with RGB-D sensors. Conventional filtering-based methods face a dilemma when the missing regions of the depth map are large. When ...
    • Rearchitecting Spatiotemporal Resampling for Production 

      Wyman, Chris; Panteleev, Alexey (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Recent work by Bitterli et al. [BWP*20] introduced a real-time, many-light algorithm for rendering dynamic direct illumination from millions of lights by iteratively applying resampled importance sampling using weighted ...
    • Transfer-Function-Independent Acceleration Structure for Volume Rendering in Virtual Reality 

      Faludi, Balázs; Zentai, Norbert; Zelechowski, Marek; Zam, Azhar; Rauter, Georg; Griessen, Mathias; Cattin, Philippe C. (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Visualizing volumetric medical datasets in a virtual reality environment enhances the sense of scale and has a wide range of applications in diagnostics, simulation, training, and surgical planning. To avoid motion sickness, ...
    • Vertex-Blend Attribute Compression 

      Kuth, Bastian; Meyer, Quirin (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Skeleton-based animations require per-vertex attributes called vertex-blend attributes. They consist of a weight tuple and a bone index tuple. With meshes becoming more complex, vertex-blend attributes call for compression. ...