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    • Downsampling and Storage of Pre-Computed Gradients for Volume Rendering 

      Díaz-García, Jesús; Brunet, Pere; Navazo, Isabel; Vázquez, Pere-Pau (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      The way in which gradients are computed in volume datasets influences both the quality of the shading and the performance obtained in rendering algorithms. In particular, the visualization of coarse datasets in multi-resolution ...
    • Improved Intuitive Appearance Editing based on Soft PCA 

      Malpica, Sandra; Barrio, Miguel; Gutierrez, Diego; Serrano, Ana; Masia, Belen (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      During the last few years, many different techniques for measuring material appearance have arisen. These advances have allowed the creation of large public datasets, and new methods for editing BRDFs of captured appearance ...