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    • Deforming and Animating Discretely Sampled Object Representations 

      Chen, M.; Correa, C.; Islam, S.; Jones, M. W.; Shen, P.-Y.; Silver, D.; Walton, S. J.; Willis, P. J. (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      A discretely sampled object representation (DSOR) defines a graphical model using data obtained by a sampling process, which takes a collection of samples at discrete positions in space in order to capture certain geometrical ...
    • Image-based Representations for Accelerated Rendering of Complex Scenes 

      Jeschke, Stefan; Wimmer, Michael; Purgathofer, Werner (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      This paper gives an overview of image-based representations commonly used for reducing the geometric complexity of a scene description in order to accelerate the rendering process. Several different types of representations ...
    • Laplacian Mesh Processing 

      Sorkine, Olga (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Surface representation and processing is one of the key topics in computer graphics and geometric modeling, since it greatly affects the range of possible applications. In this paper we will present recent advances in ...
    • Physically Based Deformable Models in Computer Graphics 

      Nealen, Andrew; Müller, Matthias; Keiser, Richard; Boxerman, Eddy; Carlson, Mark (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Physically based deformable models have been widely embraced by the Computer Graphics community. Many problems outlined in a previous survey by Gibson and Mirtich [GM97] have been addressed, thereby making these models ...
    • Preface 

      - (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Preface and Table of Contents
    • A Survey of General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware 

      Owens, John D.; Luebke, David; Govindaraju, Naga; Harris, Mark; Krüger, Jens; Lefohn, Aaron E.; Purcell, Timothy J. (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      The rapid increase in the performance of graphics hardware, coupled with recent improvements in its programmability, have made graphics hardware a compelling platform for computationally demanding tasks in a wide variety ...
    • Verification of Physically Based Rendering Algorithms 

      Ulbricht, Christiane; Wilkie, Alexander; Purgathofer, Werner (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Within computer graphics, the field of predictive rendering is concerned with those methods of image synthesis which yield results that do not only look real, but are also radiometrically correct renditions of nature, i.e. ...