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    • Automatic Single-View Character Model Reconstruction 

      Buchanan, Philip; Mukundany, R.; Doggett, Michael (ACM, 2013)
      In this paper we present a new method for automatically constructing 3D meshes from a single input image. With the increasing content demands of modern digital entertainment and the expectation of involvement from users, ...
    • Supervised Machine Learning for Grouping Sketch Diagram Strokes 

      Stevens, Philip C; Blagojevic, Rachel; Plimmer, Beryl (ACM, 2013)
      Grouping of strokes into semantically meaningful diagram elements is a difficult problem. Yet such grouping is needed if truly natural sketching is to be supported in intelligent sketch tools. Using a machine learning ...
    • A Circle-based Vectorization Algorithm for Drawings with Shadows 

      Bonnici, Alexandra; Camilleri, Kenneth (ACM, 2013)
      Vectorization algorithms described in the literature assume that the drawings being vectorized are either binary images or have a clear white background. Sketches of artistic objects however also contain shadows which help ...
    • Mastering Digital Materiality in Immersive Modelling 

      Israel, Johann Habakuk; Mauderli, Laurence; Greslin, Laurent (ACM, 2013)
      In theory, the potential to use virtual reality systems for creating visually rich and free-spirited models and prototypes is high. In contrast, immersive modelling is not relevant in today's design practice and design ...
    • Preface and Table of Contents 

      Levent Burak Kara and Cindy Grimm (ACM, 2013)
    • Surface Patches for 3D Sketching 

      Abbasinejad, Fatemeh; Joshi, Pushkar; Grimm, Cindy; Amenta, Nina; Simons, Lance (ACM, 2013)
      3D sketching is an appealing approach for creating concept shapes in the early stages of design. While curve networks alone can convey shape, surfacing the network can dramatically help with visualization and interaction. ...
    • LandSketch: A First Person Point-of-View Example-Based Terrain Modeling Approach 

      Passos, Vladimir Alves dos; Igarashi, Takeo (ACM, 2013)
      We present an intuitive interface for easy modeling of terrains, compatible with example-based synthesis approach. The interface consists on a picture's canvas-like screen, where the user sketches silhouettes of mountains, ...
    • A Sketching Game for Art History Instruction 

      Wasson, Rajinder; Mould, David; Biddle, Robert; Martinez, Cristina S. (ACM, 2013)
      Study of images, in contexts as widespread as medicine, geography, and art history, demands attention to detail and exercise of memory. Presented with traditional textbooks, students have difficulty concentrating for the ...
    • KimCHI: A Sketch-Based Developmental Skill Classifier to Enhance Pen-Driven Educational Interfaces for Children 

      Kim, Hong-hoe; Taele, Paul; Valentine, Stephanie; McTigue, Erin; Hammond, Tracy (ACM, 2013)
      Sketching is one of the many valuable lifelong skills that children require in their overall development, and many educational psychologists manually analyze children's sketches to assess their developmental progress. The ...