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    • The Corkscrew: An Intermediate Polygon Modeling Tutorial using Autodesk Maya 

      Foster, Shaun; Janowski, Robert (The Eurographics Association, 23-3-2011)
      This module is written as a supplement for instructors to learning 3D modeling using Autodesk Maya, however, it could be beneficial for any highly motivated student. If used by an instructor, you can use the first three ...
    • ShaderSchool – A tutorial for shader programming 

      Reimers, Ulf; Beckhaus, Steffi; Thiesen, Malte (The Eurographics Association, 9-7-2007)
      We present a tool for in-class and self-study learning that provides a convenient introduction into GLSL shader programming. The tool presents shaders in an interactive manner, and can be present in-class in a group ...
    • Teaching CGI Through Real Hands-On Experience 

      Bernar, Carlos; Torrents, Joaquin (The Eurographics Association, 18-7-2008)
      Euroview Animation is developing a methodology for teaching CGI within the Department of Film, TV & Digital Media at the University of Navarra involving the participation of the students in actual production process. We ...