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    • Frontmatter: Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis) 2015 - Short Papers 

      Bertini, Enrico; Kennedy, Jessie; Puppo, Enrico (Eurographics Association, 2015)
    • ColorCAT: Guided Design of Colormaps for Combined Analysis Tasks 

      Mittelstädt, Sebastian; Jäckle, Dominik; Stoffel, Florian; Keim, Daniel A. (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      Colormap design is challenging because the encoding must match the requirements of data and analysis tasks as well as the perception of the target user. A number of well-known tools exist to support the design of colormaps. ...
    • Interaction with Uncertainty in Visualisations 

      Sarkar, Advait; Blackwell, Alan F.; Jamnik, Mateja; Spott, Martin (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      In recent years, a number of algorithms have been developed which provide fast approximate computations on large datasets. There is considerable interest in exploiting these techniques to render interactive visualisations ...
    • Visualization-assisted Insights into Home Energy Usage 

      Law, Matthew; Rollins, Sami; Banerjee, Nilanjan; Joshi, Alark (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      Motivated by both cost savings and environmental concerns, managing energy in the home has become increasingly important. Though both user-driven and automated solutions have shown promise, a deeper understanding of the ...
    • State of the Art in Mobile Volume Rendering on iOS Devices 

      Schiewe, Alexander; Anstoots, Mario; Krüger, Jens (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      The ubiquity of ever-increasing computing power with mobile devices has put last generation desktop-grade hardware in everyone's palms. Mobile computing hardware is rapidly approaching today's desktop-grade hardware ...