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dc.contributor.authorCarrigan, Emmaen_US
dc.contributor.authorZell, Eduarden_US
dc.contributor.authorGuiard, Cedricen_US
dc.contributor.authorMcDonnell, Rachelen_US
dc.contributor.editorPanozzo, Daniele and Assarsson, Ulfen_US
dc.description.abstractTo simplify and accelerate the creation of blendshape rigs, using a template rig is a common procedure, especially during the creation of digital doubles. Blendshape transfer methods facilitate copy and paste functionality of the blendshapes from the template model to the digital double. However, for adequate personalization, such methods require a set of scanned training expressions of the original actor. So far, the semantics of the facial expressions to scan have been defined manually. In contrast, we formulate the semantics of the facial expressions as an integer optimization of the blendshape weights. By combining different blendshapes of the template model, our method creates facial expressions that serve as semantic references during scanning. Our method guarantees to compute as-few-as-possible training expressions with minimal overlap of activated blendshapes. If the number of training expressions is limited, blendshapes are selected based on their power to personalize the resulting blendshapes compared to generic blendshape transfer methods.en_US
dc.publisherThe Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International License
dc.subjectTheory of computation
dc.subjectPacking and covering problems
dc.subjectComputing methodologies
dc.titleExpression Packing: As-Few-As-Possible Training Expressions for Blendshape Transferen_US
dc.description.seriesinformationComputer Graphics Forum

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Attribution 4.0 International License
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