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    • Efficient Ray Tracing of Subdivision Surfaces using Tessellation Caching 

      Benthin, Carsten; Woop, Sven; Nießner, Matthias; Selgard, Kai; Wald, Ingo (ACM Siggraph, 2015)
      A common way to ray trace subdivision surfaces is by constructing and traversing spatial hierarchies on top of tessellated input primitives. Unfortunately, tessellating surfaces requires a substantial amount of memory ...
    • Interactive Stable Ray Tracing 

      Corso, Alessandro Dal; Salvi, Marco; Kolb, Craig; Frisvad, Jeppe Revall; Lefohn, Aaron; Luebke, David (ACM, 2017)
      Interactive ray tracing applications running on commodity hard- ware can su er from objectionable temporal artifacts due to a low sample count. We introduce stable ray tracing, a technique that improves temporal stability ...