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    • Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization through Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring 

      Domingues, Leonardo R.; Pedrini, Helio (ACM Siggraph, 2015)
      In this paper, we present a new method for building high-quality bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) on manycore systems. Our method is an extension of the current state-of-the-art on GPU BVH construction, Treelet Restructuring ...
    • Efficient Incoherent Ray Traversal on GPUs Through Compressed Wide BVHs 

      Ylitie, Henri; Karras, Tero; Laine, Samuli (ACM, 2017)
      We present a GPU-based ray traversal algorithm that operates on compressed wide BVHs and maintains the traversal stack in a compressed format. Our method reduces the amount of memory traffic significantly, which translates ...
    • On Quality Metrics of Bounding Volume Hierarchies 

      Aila, Timo; Karras, Tero; Laine, Samuli (ACM, 2013)
      The surface area heuristic (SAH) is widely used as a predictor for ray tracing performance, and as a heuristic to guide the construction of spatial acceleration structures. We investigate how well SAH actually predicts ray ...