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    • An Exact Incremental Hidden Surface RemovalAlgorithm 

      Kuijk, A.A.M.; Hagen, P.J. W. ten; Akman, V. (The Eurographics Association, 1987)
      This paper describes an incremental Hidden Surface Removal Algorithm (HSRA), developed to be embedded in a new architecture for raster graphics described in [1,7]. The algorithm can be classified as "exact" since it operates ...
    • Towards a Taxonomy for Display Processors 

      Schneider, Bengt-Olaf (The Eurographics Association, 1989)
      Image generation for raster displays proceeds in two main steps: geometry processing and pixel processing. The snbsystem performing the pixel processing is called display processor.In the paper a model for the displa.y ...
    • Two-level Pipelining of Systolic Array Graphics Engines 

      Jayasinghe, J. A. K. S.; Herrmann, O. E. (The Eurographics Association, 1989)
      In a systolic array, the maximum operating speed is determined by the most complex operation performed. In a systolic army graphics engine, capable of generating high quality images, one has to perform complex operations ...