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    • State-of-the-Art Report: Visual Computing in Radiation Therapy Planning 

      Schlachter, Matthias; Raidou, Renata Georgia; Muren, Ludvig P.; Preim, Bernhard; Putora, Paul Martin; Bühler, Katja (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019)
      Radiation therapy (RT) is one of the major curative approaches for cancer. It is a complex and risky treatment approach, which requires precise planning, prior to the administration of the treatment. Visual Computing (VC) ...
    • Visual Analytics for Epidemiology 

      Preim, Bernhard; Alemzadeh, Shiva; Ittermann, Till; Klemm, Paul; Niemann, Uli; Spiliopoulou, Myra (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      We present visual analytics methods to analyze epidemiologic cohort studies. We consider the automatic identification of strong correlations and of subgroups that deviate from the global mean with respect to their risk for ...
    • Visualization and Exploration of Shape Variance for the Analysis of Cohort Study Data 

      Klemm, Paul; Oeltze, Steffen; Hegenscheid, Katrin; Völzke, Henry; Toennies, Klaus; Preim, Bernhard (The Eurographics Association, 2012)
      In epidemiological studies, a group of people with common characteristics or experiences (a cohort) is studied including an analysis of socio-demographic as well as biological factors and correlations indicating per subject ...