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    • Film Ties: A Web-based Virtual 3D Lab for Teaching the Film Art from Script to Blocking 

      Bares, William; Requierme, Caroline; Obisesan, Elizabeth (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      Film production education programs include hands-on training in script writing, planning blocking of performers and cameras on set, camera operation, editing to select the best footage at each beat of the story, and expert ...
    • Film Ties: An Architecture for Collaborative Data-driven Cinematography 

      Bares, William; Schwartz, Donald; Segundo, Cristovam; Nitya, Santoshi; Aiken, Sydney; Medbery, Clinton (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      The ability to store, share, and re-use digital assets is of primary importance in the film production pipeline. Digital assets typically include texture images, three-dimensional models, and scripts for creating special ...