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    • Illustrative Multivariate Visualization for Geological Modelling 

      Rocha, Allan; Mota, Roberta Cabral Ramos; Hamdi, Hamidreza; Alim, Usman R.; Sousa, Mario Costa (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018)
      In this paper, we present a novel illustrative multivariate visualization for geological modelling to assist geologists and reservoir engineers in visualizing multivariate datasets in superimposed representations, in ...
    • Multivariate Visualization of Oceanography Data Using Decals 

      Rocha, Allan; Silva, Julio Daniel; Alim, Usman; Sousa, Mario Costa (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      In this paper, we present our results on the 2016 Compute Canada Visualization Contest, which centers around the visualization of multiple oceanographic data attributes. Our goal is to help researchers better understand ...
    • Visualization of Urban Micro-Climate Simulations 

      Röber, Niklas; Salim, Mohamed; Gierisch, Andrea; Böttinger, Michael; Schlünzen, Heinke (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      Climate simulations range from projections with global coupled models of the earth system down to simulations of small scale phenomena, and can cover time scales between seconds up to thousands of years. This work focusses ...