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    • CHER-Ob: A Tool for Shared Analysis in Cultural Heritage 

      Shi, Weiqi; Kotoula, Eleni; Akoglu, Kiraz; Yang, Ying; Rushmeier, Holly (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      The study of cultural heritage involves many different activities, including digital data visualization, information analysis and sharing results. Current technologies focus on providing better tools for data representation ...
    • Simpler and Faster HLBVH with Work Queues 

      Garanzha, Kirill; Pantaleoni, Jacopo; McAllister, David (ACM, 2011)
      A recently developed algorithm called Hierachical Linear Bounding Volume Hierarchies (HLBVH) has demonstrated the feasibility of reconstructing the spatial index needed forray tracing in real-time, even in the presence of ...
    • VoxelPipe: A Programmable Pipeline for 3D Voxelization 

      Pantaleoni, Jacopo (ACM, 2011)
      We present a highly exible and e cient software pipeline for programmable triangle voxelization. The pipeline, entirely written in CUDA, supports both fully conservative and thinvoxelizations, multiple boolean, oating ...